Associate / Executive Pastor

Windsor District Baptist Church
South Windsor, NSW, Australia

Date Posted: 07/12/2018
Categories: Church/Ministry
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Windsor District Baptist Church
June 2018


Windsor District Baptist Church (WDBC) is looking for a full-time associate pastor (5 days/week, $40-50K + 3BR cottage) who shares our vision of seeing all people transformed by the power of God’s Word and Spirit for faith in Christ.

We are a church of about 250 people located in South Windsor on the outskirts of Sydney, NSW.  Our fellowship is comprised of a diverse range of ages and backgrounds, commuting from points within the Hawkesbury District.   

Together, we consider ourselves to be a FAMILY of FAITH, FOLLOWING Jesus Christ to FREEDOM.

Role Description


  • Equip the church for spiritual transformation through intentional, gospel-centred, ministry
  • Serve alongside the Senior Pastor with inspiring leadership, personal holiness, and Christ-honoring devotion


  • Assist in general pastoral duties, nurturing the church in faith with leadership, instruction, and administration
  • Build up our faith community in love through newcomer integration, growing small groups, and shepherding
  • Look for and maintain discipleship relationships that grow to yield further disciples
  • Equip God’s people for service through identification and encouragement of their spiritual gifts
  • Oversee youth and young adult ministry at WDBC


  • Assist the Lead Pastor
  1. Support the vision of the church to see all people transformed through faith in Christ
  2. Assist in preaching, teaching and running services as arranged with the Lead Pastor
  3. Provide administrative oversight to ministries and church infrastructure as needed
  4. Reinforce the vision, objectives, and values of WDBC with humility and confidence
  • Build Up the Fellowship of Believers
  1. Oversee newcomer integration; following up from first visit to joining care groups
  2. Discern the extent of faith and nurture spiritual health among the body; individually and corporately
  3. Develop and grow our network of care groups, ensuring sound teaching and a nurturing culture
  4. Assist in resolving relational conflicts, when needed, according to gospel principles
  • Disciple & Equip the Church for Service
  1. Seek, initiate, and maintain discipleship relationships across our faith community
  2. Faithfully apply spiritual care with Scripture, prayer, and godly counsel
  3. Model a life of missional discipleship and encourage others to join in it
  4. Identify spiritual gifts in other believers and equip them to minister with these gifts
  • Engage Outsiders with the Gospel
  1. Help create a missional culture that seeks to engage the lost with the hope of Christ
  2. Teach, train and model evangelism for the WDBC congregation
  • Oversee Youth & Young Adult Ministry
  1. Oversee teaching content and be available to answer questions from the teaching team
  2. Meet with youth coordinators once a term to help set vision and confirm direction in teaching
  3. Attend youth planning meetings once a term, providing assistance in vision casting and goal-setting
  4. Provide pastoral support for issues relating to faith and discipleship of our young people


Desired Characteristics:

  • Humbly and personally devoted to Jesus
  • Clear on the gospel and confident in the Scriptures as God’s authoritative revelation
  • Gentle, warm and hospitable to outsiders
  • Initiator of relationships who displays enthusiasm and is able to motivate others
  • Creative in both expression and problem solving
  • Team player with a track record in building community
  • Lifelong learner who mixes well across generations


Needed Skills:

  • Ability to teach the Scriptures, with faith, conviction, and in accordance with sound doctrine
  • Ability to initiate, maintain, and cultivate spiritual conversations across a diverse congregation
  • Leadership aptitude consisting in excellent communication skills, including public speaking
  • Administration capability, including project management
  • Self-starter with a strong work ethic
  • Ability to work well with others in teams and cultivate unity
  • Navigates conflicts and criticism graciously, while holding firmly to gospel principles
  • Ability to support a multi-generational church
  • Technological skills, including facility with Windows, MSOffice, and various media platforms



  • A personal faith commitment to follow Jesus, expressed in baptism
  • A call into the Gospel ministry and the ability to speak about this calling (Matthew 4:19)
  • A biblical studies or theological degree (with preferance given to Master’s level applicants)
  • A knowledge of and preferably a certification in the Australian Baptist Church
  • Demonstrates the character of an elder (1 Timothy 3:2-4, 1 Peter 5:2-3)
  • Willingness to be a servant leader (Matthew 20:25-28)
  • Willingness to be a team player (1 Corinthians 12:12-26)
  • Commitment to the church’s vision of making followers of Jesus Christ (Matthew 2:19-20)
  • Preferably a minimum of three years pastoral experience; with a three year commitment to WDBC



If interested in being considered, please email the following items to or call 0447 070 181:

  • A letter of introduction detailing who you are, your education background, your call to the ministry, your relationship with Christ and what experience you have working in ministry
  • A current resume or CV
  • Three references

Compensation:  This full-time salaried position includes free on-site accommodation in a renovated 3BR Cottage.

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