Executive Director, School Aged Child Care and Summer Swim 'n' Gym

Peninsula Covenant Church
Redwood City, California, United States

Date Posted: 06/30/2018
Categories: Church/Ministry - Education - Management
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:


The Executive Director will provide leadership to drive Vision 2025 by multiplying SACC locations in Redwood City, San Carlos and neighboring communities; while retaining excellence in program and faith based community support. This person will be the primary leader for PCC’s SACC after school child care and summer Swim & Gym program.


Principal Working Relationships 

Within PCC: The SACC executive director will report to the Pastor of Organizational Development, The SACC executive director leads a team of paid staff supporting weekly programming for the SACC parent community.

Outside of PCC: Community leaders & partners within schools, churches,  vendors, contract services and other ministry staff that support the overall mission & values of PCC SACC program.


Primary Duties & Responsibilities        

  • In close collaboration with the senior Pastoral team, oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services that support the mission of the organization.
  • Proactively assess opportunities in order to expand SACC services into the local community; requires developing partnerships with schools, neighboring churches, and community leaders.
  • Develop and equip the School Age Child Care and Swim & Gym ministry team(s) and staff, partner with parents to successfully develop and nurture children in after school care and introduce them to the faith community of PCC.
  • Anticipate a minimum of 5% and up to 15% of time to be allocated to PCC’s Vision 2025.
  • Ensure that all camp programs are run safely, are current and enriching for all campers, staff, and families; with cohesion to all of the SACC & Summer Swim & Gym’s offerings.
  • Develop and implement a structure that supports the efficient delivery of programs and services, including hiring, managing, and mentoring the administrative and counselor team(s); giving specific attention to developing and mentoring the staff.
  • Drive the implementation and continuous improvement of employment policies and process, consistent with PCC practices.
  • Design and deliver a new process to develop and manage the staff performance progress & review process.
  • Provide coaching and direction to staff in regards to the management of child behaviors, communicating behavior with families, and support staff to develop and implement behavior plans as needed.
  • Provide ongoing leadership, professional guidance and development of staff.
  • Design and direct the operations of all marketing activities, including new media outlets and technological and database platforms.
  • Actively cultivate and facilitate a culture of collaboration, creativity, and kindness in the SACC team and work effectively across all PCC teams (i.e. Pre-school, Children’s Ministry, The Center, Operations & Facilities).
  • Perform other duties as needed and assigned.

Experience & Skills Required  

  • Must have a passion for Christ and for His word—must demonstrate a daily pursuit of a Christ-centered life.
  • Demonstrable, successful experience as a children’s Daycare or Camp Director, pastor, leader and teacher. 
  • At least 3+ years supervisory and/or management experience (adults &/or volunteers).
  • Experience in developing & implementing a strategic plan and effectively executing at a tactical level.
  • Has demonstrated their ability to effectively communicate with adults, staff and teaching children.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to attract, assess, select and provide ongoing development in ministry leaders by inviting, training, affirming, giving feedback, evaluating, recognizing and helping others reflect; or transferable skill sets to Children’s Ministry (CM) programming.
  • Embraces ability to affect positive change, sees the big picture and thinks strategically.
  • Brings a clear and compelling sense of the future as well as an understanding of the actions needed to get there. Ability to articulate visionary leadership inspiring the expansion of SACC programs into Redwood City.
  • Proven ability to discern individual strengths, provide direct feedback when necessary, encourage skill development in a supportive way, and compile a team that complements one another.
  • Effective collaboration and partnership with other ministries and the congregation; demonstrated ability to work within teams and in a matrix structure.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively within a changing environment; is flexible, adaptable and not easily deterred from achieving key objectives.
  • Must have a passion for children and families; striving to invite the parents into the faith community.
  • Displays an ongoing commitment to learning and self-development & continuous improvement. Has a mind-set of innovation and excellence; thinks creatively, is able to see information in new ways, and easily adapts to change initiatives.
  • Effectively utilizes interaction strategies that benefit the organization (SACC, PCC) while gaining acceptance from relevant internal and external constituencies.
  • Excels at delegating and empowering others toward meeting their respective ministry goals in support of the broader organization goals (evidenced by prior work experience and also necessary for this position). 


Education &/or Licensing Requirements

  • B.A. in a compatible field (education, psychology, recreation, etc.),
  • Director-qualified per California Department of Social Services; Child Care Licensing guidelines before employment begins with PCC.
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