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Date Posted: 06/14/2018
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Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

We are taking applications for 7 more days for Fall 2018 Openings.


Have you ever said you would be willing to serve overseas? Would you like to join a large Christian community overseas?


BA Degree is minimum requirement. We are looking for people who desire to travel and have a heart to mentor students [teaching experience preferred, but not required]. If you don't have teaching experience, we will refer you to an online TESOL training class so that you will qualify to teach overseas.


Approximately 55 of our 140  foreign faculty teach Oral English classes which are offered for Freshman and Sophomores. Every year we hire about 20 new Oral English Faculty. If you come with a spouse, he/she may be able to teach one of these classes. Families encouraged to join our faculty! We have 11 families on staff with children. Learn more: www.academicsinasia.com/oral-english/. Other partner schools are looking to us for teachers, too. Learn more at jobs.academicsinasia.com/


Teaching in the Oral English Program: http://www.academicsinasia.com/oral-english/

Teachers in the Oral English Program are assigned to teach either Freshman or Sophomore Oral English. A standard teaching load for Oral English faculty members is 18 hours per week.  This usually means that they are teaching nine different classes that meet once a week, and the standard class period is composed of two 45 minute periods with a 10 minute break in between. The average class size for Oral English classes at Sias is between 25 and 30 students. Aside from teaching, Oral English faculty members are also required to hold office hours for two hours each week; these may be held formally or informally, as long as faculty members make themselves available to their students for a minimum of two hours per week.


In order to provide faculty members with additional support and guidance in fulfilling their role as teachers, the Oral English Program faculty is divided into two teaching teams—the Freshman Oral English Team and the Sophomore Oral English Team —according to their teaching assignments.


Each team has a Team Leader who regularly supports the team with specific information to help guide lesson planning and teaching via email and a weekly team meeting. The Team Leaders also help to relay information from the School of Foreign Languages regarding any relevant administrative issues.


See sample ESL Live Class Lesson: https://youtu.be/DN08fxD6Xwc




We are interested in people with a variety of backgrounds, but we are especially looking for those with experience or college degrees who love travel, are flexible and enjoy mentorship.


These are the 28 total job openings for Fall 2018:

See www.academicsinasia.com and www.jobs.academicsinasia.com for details


Apply by June 20th for Fall Jobs (but the earlier you apply the more likely you will get a job offer): 




Email me if you would like more info. (aaron@academicsinasia.com)


Qualifications: You don't have to have formal teaching experience. This is a great opportunity for those who would love to travel, mentor, and touch lives in China through teaching.  


If you do have teaching experience, you are qualified for higher paying jobs. 


SIU provides one of the smoothest transitions into the Chinese culture as you join a university that caters to their 160 foreign faculty. Academics In Asia is the official recruiting branch for SIU. Each year SIU hires 20 New Career Professional Teachers & 30 Conversational English Teachers at SIU (See Pictures of the SIU Campus: bit.ly/SIU-Campus)

Apply by June 20th for Fall Jobs (but the earlier you apply the more likely you will get a job offer): 



We offer a variety of academic courses, briefly outlined here: 

www.academicsinasia.com/academics/. These courses are offered through the School of Foreign Languages and School of Business.

Academic teachers prepare lectures and discussions for classes of 60 students on average, and multimedia classrooms are assigned for these courses. The full-time teaching load for academics is 12 class hours a week, providing ample time for preparation and meeting with students. Textbooks and other resources, including supervision, are provided. Flexibility to provide input into new textbooks and supplemental case studies possible. Applicants with corresponding degrees, teaching experience or work experience in an academic course discipline will be considered for openings.

1. SFL - Composition - The focus will be more on lecturing than correcting students work.

2. School of Business - Financial Management / International Financial Management

3. School of Business - International Business Negotiations

4. School of Business - Microeconomics, Accounting


Professional Requirements:

  • Business teachers should have a Masters Degree or 4+ years of business experience preferred. Oral English Teachers need a BA Degree and TESOL Certificate or BA and 2 years teaching experience. Higher salary for higher degrees.
  • Professional or informal teaching experience preferred. 
  • Desire to interact in a cross-cultural setting. 
  • Willingness to learn and develop teaching with excellence. 

Moral Requirements:

  • Ability to work with a myriad of people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Willingness to enter into a foreign country with patience and diligence. 
  • Commitment to integrity and a heart of servant-leadership. 

Social Requirements:

  • You will be living in a community for 150 Foreigners with 120-300 impressionable students looking up to you as a role model. 
  • You will be expected to have interpersonal skills, be a team player, and realize life in China requires flexibility.


  Intro Video       https://youtu.be/dhRbvVgcAeA


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