Pastor of Senior Adults

First Baptist Richardson
Richardson, Texas, United States

Date Posted: 06/01/2018
Categories: Church/Ministry
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

First Baptist Richardson is seeking a full time Pastor of Senior Adults (PSA).  This role is highly pastoral, with care for the senior adults a primary responsibility.  The PSA is also involved in working with teams of senior adults by mobilizing them for ministry in various capacities.  An additional responsibility for the PSA is to direct the Goldenaires, a choir of over 100 voices made up primarily of those over the age of 70, and coordinating their various ministry opportunities.  An Associate Pastor of Senior Adults reports to the PSA.  The PSA reports to the Executive Pastor.


The position is located in Richardson, TX, a thriving northern suburb of Dallas.  Richardson is increasingly diverse and attracts many residents who are involved in the high tech and insurance professions.  Richardson's school system is excellent and the cultural opportunities are outstanding.


The PSA's position desscription is as follows:


Position Description

Pastor for Senior Adults

First Baptist Church Richardson





The role of the Pastor for Senior Adults is to lead, evaluate, plan, direct, coordinate and communicate with the Senior Adult ministry of First Baptist Richardson. The Senior Adult Pastor’s role is to also enlist, train, establish and coordinate, where needed, the Pastoral Care Ministry team (staff or volunteer) of the church.  This responsibility includes hospital visitation, hospice care, retirement home visitation, and funeral planning.  The position is generally about both (1) caring for/ministering to the senior adults and (2) leading the senior adults in their ministry to others.


Another role of the Pastor for Senior Adults is to lead and direct the GoldenAires choir, a choir generally of those aged 70 and above.  This entails directing the choir in their musical performances and planning, organizing, and leading them in the various ministries of the choir.


The Pastor for Senior Adults will work closely with the pastoral staff in helping focus the senior adult members toward the overall vision / mission statement of the church and desired objectives.  This position reports directly to the Executive Pastor.





The Pastor for Senior Adults will operate in four key areas:


          1. Leadership of Senior Adults (20%)


In conjunction with the Executive Pastor and the Senior Adult Council and its sub- committees, the Pastor of Senior Adults will give support to every age division of the church, using the resources of our FBCR senior adults. This will be in direct coordination with FBCR strategic planning with staff coordination.  It is the goal of the Senior Adult Ministry to give support through prayer and participation toward the success of all ministries of FBCR in support of our church’s mission statement.  Such responsibilities include:


  • Promoting a regular program of outreach for senior adults in coordination with the overall church program of missions and outreach.
  • Overseeing the communication with and for the senior adults via such means as the Senior Adult newsletter, Facebook, and/or other means as appropriate
  • Serving as a catalyst for the Senior Adult Ministry in seeking out untapped leadership in the areas of mission opportunities for local, state and international mission opportunities.
  • Keeping in contact with other churches with senior adult ministries in the Richardson / Dallas area concerning how we can impact our community in a coordinated effort.  Continuously looking for opportunities of partnering with Senior Adult ministers in the community
  • Being informed of what other churches are doing in the area of Senior Adult ministry, keeping the Pastoral Staff informed of innovative ministries of other churches and organizations. Using this information as a resource for future development of church ministries
  • Developing and planning a strategy for both yearly and long term goals in conjunction with those directed by the Executive Pastor



A significant portion of the responsibilities of the Pastor for Senior Adults has to do with general pastoral activities:


  • Perform Pastoral Care duties:
  • Hospital Visitation – Besides those on daily hospital list, this would also be those requested by a church family member of a loved one or friend (church and/or non-church member) or called in from hospital chaplain needing a Baptist minister to make a visit.
  • Weddings
  • Funerals – follow FBCR protocol in meeting with family member(s) of deceased. Coordinating with FBCR assigned staff member the flow of service; ministers/others involved in service (music / soloists / piano or organ; program information provided to funeral home or if needed, with administrative assistant in charge of in-house program; and sound/video needs.
  • Counseling – When needed (i.e. visitor requesting church assistance; pre-martial counseling; any other individual seeking guidance
  • Staying in touch with the seniors adults with various means of communication
  • Development and implementation of an on-going ministry to senior adults that includes seminars, retreats and opportunities for fellowship.
  • Work with SAS (Seniors Adopting Seniors) leadership to help minister to seniors in various senior adult facilities (retirement communities, assisted care nursing homes) and to the homebound.  Provide on a weekly basis to the ministers and staff an updated list of people and contact information in these facilities.
  • Continue to work with deacon leadership to schedule the Volunteer Deacon / Pastoral weekly “on call” hospital visitation rotation.

            3.  MUSIC RESPONSIBILITIES (25%)


  • Goldenaires Choir – establish elected officer responsibilities of organization for choir with written job descriptions. Update job descriptions as needed according to ministry and leadership of the choir.
  • Goldenaires Choir vocal and instrumental ensembles – fill each position with a director and help staff each group with an accompanist, if needed
  • Giving coordination and leadership for the Goldenaires choir as this group ministers in multiple ways in our surrounding community, city, state and nationally. Also, looking for opportunities to develop the use of new talent (vocally and instrumentally).
  • Leading and directing the Goldenaires Choir; this includes rehearsals and the direction of performances
  • Assist the Worship Pastor in the Classic service with various responsibilities, as needed

           4.  “Other” Responsibilities (5%)

                 The Pastor of Senior Adults will:

  • Serve other pastoral or administrative duties as assigned by the Executive Pastor




The Pastor of Senior Adults will actively contribute to the improvement of the ministry of First Baptist Church Richardson and provide prayerful support for the staff and volunteers as such:

  • Teamwork: Functions well with co-workers, treating them with honor and grace.
  • Spiritual Encouragement: Encourages spiritual focus and commitment by modeling the Core Values of First Baptist Church Richardson.
  • Staff and Church Member Relations: Encourages cooperation, peace, and strives for biblical conflict resolution with co-workers and church members.
  • Improvement of Ministry Operations: Contributes toward the improvement of the ministry as a whole.




The Pastor to Senior Adults will possess the following characteristics:

  • The Pastor of Senior Adults diligently seeks a vital and growing personal relationship with the Lord. He/she will be a student of the Scriptures and a person of prayer. In this way, he/she will keep watch over himself/herself and over the flock (Acts 20:28) and pay close attention to himself/herself as well as his/her doctrine (1 Tim. 4:16). Under God’s strong hand he/she will seek to manage his/her own household well (1 Tim. 3:4,5) In all areas of life and witness he/she will seek to shepherd the people of First Baptist Church Richardson by being an example to the flock (1 Pet. 5:3)
  • If married, a strong marriage and family life visible to others
  • A heart for God that is evidenced by proven character and a spiritual-mindedness that understands that “apart from Christ we can do nothing.”
  • A shepherd’s temperament; servant-leader/mentor attitude and inclination
  • Bachelor’s degree in applicable field; seminary master’s degree strongly preferred
  • Strong interpersonal skills—ability to communicate persuasively and compassionately, both orally and in writing
  • Strong biblical foundation for wise management in a church setting
  • Able to establish and maintain appropriate standards for the accomplishment of ministry in a way that honors both God and people
  • Since work is done primarily in teams at FBCR, the Pastor of Senior Adults must understand group dynamics and ensure effective consensus building and decision-making
  • Personal initiative and diligence which produces follow-through in tasks
  • A bias for action
  • Solid biblical/theological convictions which are aligned with the FBCR leadership
  • A willingness to grow and adapt to the inevitable changes found in a growing local church
  • Be an open book for others to follow. This is gained through years of trust and faithfulness to his/her calling and life style.
  • Being a Good Shepherd (Leader) includes:
  • Seniors need to know their shepherd’s voice (by taking time to know them personally and work with them.) Being available and let them know they are loved
  • Trust is something that has to be earned with seniors. That trust is built over time through hard work and commitment. Just being put in an area of leadership doesn’t mean the people will follow.  They must know recognize the pastor’s voice and trust him in order to be willing to follow.
  • Knowing one’s own weaknesses and surround oneself with people who are mature in their faith, strong in the areas where the leader is weak, who are respected by the church family
Applicants should submit their resume and an introductory letter to Kim Smith, Assistant to the Executive Pastor, at  Anticipated start date for this position is September 1, 2018.
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