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CRISTA Ministries
Seattle, Washington, United States

Date Posted: 05/25/2018
Categories: Education
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

This is a full time position with benefits.
Looking for an opportunity to impact the future? Then King’s Schools is for you! King’s Schools is the independent preschool through high school Christian school of choice in the Seattle area. Our faculty are passionate about education. They invest in their students through award-winning teaching, mentoring and collaboration. In a close knit community of engaged students, supportive and active parents, caring and innovative faculty, students are challenged to grow intellectually and given opportunities to build character, preparing them for college and more importantly for life.

: The King’s Technology Teacher will provide vision, innovation and leadership in the development of technology for grades 7-12 and will serve as a member of the King’s Technology PLC. Teach and direct secondary courses that may include coding, software development and CAD. Work effectively with all faculty and staff members and support classroom teachers and other school personnel in improving student learning through appropriate use of technology in the classroom, including collaboration and professional development.

ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES: (Responsibilities, Accountabilities, and Competencies; May not include all duties of this job) 

1.Plan Innovative Curriculum and Instruction:

  • Plan sequential units of study, individual lessons, and learning activities that are cumulative and advance students level of content knowledge by using knowledge of content standards.
  • Identify teaching strategies and learning activities appropriate to the specific discipline, age and range of cognitive levels being taught using results of formal and informal assessments.
  • Plan lessons with clear objectives and relevant measurable outcomes.
  • Enhance learning and incorporate planning for 21st Century skills using embedded in computation thinking, projected based learning and resources from colleagues, families and the community.

2. Deliver Creative & Effective Instruction:

  • Communicate learning objectives clearly and use engaging ways to begin a new unit of study or lesson, building on students’ prior knowledge and experience.
  • Use a balanced approach to teaching skills and concepts.
  • Apply a variety of teaching techniques from teacher directed strategies to approaches such as discussion, problem solving, cooperative learning, and research projects (among others).
  • Use questioning to stimulate critical and creative thinking to encourage all students to respond.
  • Provide regular and frequent feedback to students on their progress.
  • Provide many and varied opportunities for students to achieve competence.
  • Measure student achievement and progress toward the learning objectives with a variety of formal and informal assessments, and use results to plan further instruction.
  • Translate evaluations of student work into records that accurately convey the level of student achievements to students, parents, and school personnel.

3. Manage Classroom Climate and Operation:

  • Create an environment that is conducive to computational learning and includes collaboration, critical & creative thinking and communication
  • Maintain appropriate standards of behavior, mutual respect, and safety.
  • Manage classroom routines and procedures without loss of instructional time

4. Professional Responsibilities:

  • Understand legal and ethical issues as they apply to the responsible and acceptable use of the Internet, technology, equipment and other digital resources.
  • Convey knowledge of and enthusiasm for academic discipline to students.
  • Maintain interest in emerging opportunities, research, and developments in technology.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to improve instruction, assessment, and student achievement.
  • Reflect critically upon teaching experience and identify areas for further professional development.

5.Coordinate the relationship between school curriculum, robotics and innovative technology skills.

  • Help with King’s School’s robotics teams.
  • Assist with STEM integration in P-12.
  • Select and maintain appropriate digital resources for students and teachers.
  • Prepare resource rich lessons and interactive technology activities for students.
  • Teach lessons in the tech media center or classrooms promoting effective digital citizenship and web activity.

6. Execute Subject Matter Knowledge:

  • Technology tools for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, print/graphic utilities, multi-hyper media, presentations, videos, apps for the purpose of formal and informal assessment, instruction, and administration for professional and instructional use.
  • Communication and research tools such as Office 365, the intranet, web browsers, and other online applications that link to the ISTE and CS Standards and requirements for professional and instructional use.
  • Criteria for selection, evaluation, and use of appropriate computer/technology based materials to support a variety of instructional methods.
  • Ethical and social issues surrounding privacy, copyright, and crime relating to educational technology and resources.

Work collaboratively with supervisor, coworkers and customers. Perform other related duties as assigned.


ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS: (Any Equivalent Combination of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Education and Experience)
Christian Commitment:  A deep and abiding faith that is fully surrendered to the will of Jesus Christ, evidenced by a lifestyle that is consistent with biblical principles.  Demonstrated commitment to spiritual growth and development that is exemplified in word and deed.  Demonstrates the values of a CRISTA leader.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Education or Computer Science or relevant field from an accredited college or university recognized by the United States Department of Education or equivalent.  Experience:

  • With STEM education, 21st Century Learning Skills, Computational Thinking and Project Based Learning
  • Working with students, parents and teachers.

Software and Equipment Used: Surface Pro, Various Windows Operating Systems. Other Considerations:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills to establish positive and effective working relationships with teachers, staff and students.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: (Any Equivalent Combination of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Education and Experience) Education: Master’s degree in educational technology or relevant field or curriculum development from an accredited college or university recognized by the United States Department of Education or equivalent.  Experience:

  • STEM Education.
  • Secondary Education
  • FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Robotics experience and ability to lead.

Software and Equipment Used: Surface Pro, PC Laptop (Windows 7 or 8.1), iPad (iOS software), Office 365, Streaming (STEM), Live stream You Tube, Edmodo, Prezi, Smart Boards, Projectors, Document Cameras, understand unique device configuration in each room ability to troubleshoot, 3DCAD, 3D Printers, Robotics. 
Licensure/Certification: Teaching Certificate 


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