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Troy, Michigan, United States

Date Posted: 05/30/2018
Categories: Associate Pastor - Campus Pastor
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Small Multi-Site Non-Denominational church searching for a Campus Pastor or a current Associate Pastor that can grow into the roll of Campus Pastor.


Experience with ARC / Grow Resources preferred.


Job Description



Direct Report to: Executive Director

  • Experience and Knowledge Required:

Ability to pastor people

  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Care for people
  • Disciple people
  • Train people
  • Develop leaders
  • Help people realize and reach their full potential

Ability to lead others

  • Organization/management of leadership teams
  • Present vision to leadership/church
  • Continually developing and increasing circle of influence with people
  • Lead by serving others
  • Delegate well
  • Strong sense of team

Ability to communicate to congregation

  • Comfortable in front of people
  • Speak clearly and intentionally
  • Help guests feel welcome and comfortable
  • Present Church’s purpose and vision clearly
  • Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
  • Prepare and Deliver Sunday Messages
  • Attend weekly meeting with other Campus Pastors
  • Attend weekly meeting to review order of service for coming week- end
  • Appointments with small group leaders, dream team, potential leadership
  • Evaluate connection cards weekly for prayer needs, info requests, etc.
  • Communicate upcoming events, etc., with campus leadership team
  • Implement stage designs for series changes
  • Make sure building is unlocked and available for small groups
  • Communicate with all campus leadership teams regarding weekend services
  • Coordinating regularly with all departments
  • Continually building systems that will create growth at campus level
  • Identify, Coordinate and Lead Community Outreach efforts
  • Be available for appointments (counseling, pre-marital, etc.)
  • Respond to emails and phone calls within a 24 to 48 hour time frame
  • Plan/Implement monthly meeting with all campus leadership team
  • Meet regularly with Volunteers
  • Attend/Lead Saturday morning prayer at campus
  • Prepare campus facility for upcoming weekend services (make sure all rooms are neat & well organized)
  • Prepare a message each week

Weekend Responsibilities (Services)

  • Have campus facility opened and prepped for services
  • Connect with Volunteer Leaders and make sure all bases are covered
  • Facilitate all services on Sunday (Welcome, Commitment Time, Offering, etc.)
  • Secure campus facility following worship services
  • Love, encourage and pastor people
  • Connect with new people
  • Be available for ministry time with individuals
  • Attend Water Baptism on first Sunday of each month
  • Lead/Assist with New Member Orientation each Sunday

Special Events

  • Help plan, staff, and implement all special events for the campus

Small Groups Meet regularly with campus Events Team

  • Communicate weekly with small group leaders to support, encourage and serve them
  • Meet regularly with campus Volunteer Coordinator
  • Monthly meetings with Volunteer Leaders
  • Continually seeking out potential Volunteer Team members
  • Highlight areas of service
  • Consistently encourage all members of the Volunteer Team
  • Plan/Implement Volunteer Team specific events
  • Attributes:

Strong leadership skills

Positive attitude Heart of a servant

Fun / Enjoyable


Must share the vision to fulfill the Great Commission with integrity and passion

  • Extent of Public Contact:

Other Campus Pastors and staff members / Contact with Pastors and staff from other churches, Local city leaders, Local vendors

  • Physical Demands:


  • Supervisory Responsibilities:

Work with Administrative assistant and Support staff Work with Team Coordinators and leaders

Job Type: Full-time



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