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Preston Trail Ministry Resident

Preston Trail Community Church
Frisco, Texas, United States

Date Posted: 02/22/2018
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Job Type: Part-Time

Job Description:

The Preston Trail residency program is a paid, 11-month leadership training program hosted in Frisco, Texas. The program is designed to give hands-on ministry experience, personal mentoring and training through an accredited education curriculum by staff pastors with the purpose of equipping the next generation of church leaders. Far more than an internship, residents will receive educational training in the areas of self-leadership, organizational leadership, church leadership, and thought leadership combined with practical apprenticeship under a trained ministry supervisor. Preston Trail residents spend four hours a week in biblical and theological training and then 25 hours a week in their ministry discipline.


The mission of Preston Trail Community Church is helping people find and follow Jesus Christ. As a natural outgrowth of our mission, we are compelled to train gifted leaders who desire to serve in vocational ministry. Through biblical training and personal discipleship, combined with real-life ministry experience, the Preston Trail Residency Program is designed to offer this training opportunity.

  • Biblical: We believe the Bible is the Word of God and our guide and authority for everything.
  • Training: Our goal is to train residents by allowing them to observe, participate and then own ministry responsibilities.
  • Discipleship: Our program goes well beyond training in the essential skills needed for vocational ministry, with an emphasis on personal discipleship and spiritual growth.
  • Personal Mentoring: every resident will be mentored by a ministry pastor.
  • Ministry: We believe that ministry is best done in teams and that we are better together than alone.
  • Experience: We believe the best learning comes from real-life experience.
  • Gifted Leaders: Our desire is to invest in gifted leaders who will, in turn, invest in others.
  • Vocational Ministry: The residency is specifically designed for those who feel led to serve in vocational ministry.


We have 11 tracks from which to chose, including: children's, students, groups, care team, worship arts, communication, technical arts, local missions, connections, creative arts and multi-site.


The deadline for applications is March 17, 2018.


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