Liberty Youth Ranch

Bonita Springs, Florida - United States

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Liberty Youth Ranch

Our Mission Statement:  Provide a permanent and loving environment for children who through no fault of their own are in need of a home, a family, and the opportunity simply to be children. We base our concepts on a belief in God and the uniqueness, dignity, and inherent worth of each individual.


Our Vision Statement: Aggressively seize opportunities to be proactive and innovative, ensuring that children in Florida who are in no win situations are provided an opportunity to heal, a chance to regain their childhood, and an opportunity to succeed in the future.


Liberty Youth Ranch recognizes the magnitude of the situation, that we will likely be the last, and perhaps, only place that our children will receive a chance in life. We must do everything in our capability to bring healing and hope to a generation of hurting children. Firm in the conviction that every child has the right to be shown unconditional love, Liberty Youth Ranch strives to meet the needs of children in crisis. Because of our conviction that Christ has the answers to the problems of children and families, Liberty Youth Ranch has set in motion programs that are as Christ-centered as we can make them. All that is done through this ministry is rooted in the compassionate love of Christ.


Through a combination of grace and mercy, we will strive to create a nurturing environment grounded in faith and abiding in love. We will make it possible for our children to discover hope, thereby igniting in them a desire to reach their God-given potential.