What Makes You So Special?

by Angela Bainter

Standard resume rules tell us to list job responsibilities for every job you've had in the past. Everyone does this, so after awhile, all the resumes start to look the same to the person reading them. Do you want to know the secret to make your resume stand out? Make the prospective employer see why you are special!

It's fairly obvious to churches what your job responsibilities were in your job as a senior pastor, a worship leader, a church administrator, a youth pastor - fill in the blank with your past job titles. But, what made you different in your time in previous ministry positions? Those are the items you should mention on your resume. Give examples of your achievements. Tell what you accomplished personally, in a team, and how you have helped your previous employers.

For instance, did you grow the ministry exponentially? Start new ministry programs? Train up volunteers and lay ministry leaders? Provide excellent support to the senior leadership? The list can go on and on. These are the types of highlights that will make you and your resume stand out to a prospective church. So, don't leave them out. Make sure you mention why you are a great employee so your future employer will see on paper what makes you so special.