Slow and Steady Wins The Race

by Luke Miller

You may know the feeling. Panic has set in after being informed that your company is downsizing and you’ll be losing your job. (Or perhaps you reach the end of your rope and decide it’s time to find another job). All of a sudden, the prospect of being unemployed sink in, and, for many, the tendency is to burn the midnight oil and apply for every position we come across that night. 

While this kind of aggressive determination can be a good thing, it’s better not to binge-apply. Sending out a bunch of resumés at once can lead to confusion about which jobs you’ve applied for and why. A better approach is to set aside some time every day to dedicate to searching, applying, and following up. The more organized and deliberate you can be with your search, the better equipped you’ll be to manage your search. 

While moments of panic and burst of energy can be good motivators, remember that it was the Tortoise whose slow and steady pace won the race.

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