Proactively Look for New Challenges and Skills

by Lisa Fife

Often, when we’ve been in the same job for a period of time, it’s easy to start losing the excitement we have for what we are doing. You can find yourself falling into a routine that repeats itself each day. In addition to affecting your job satisfaction, this can also affect how you are performing in those everyday tasks. Sometimes we need to be proactive and find new ways to get our career path back in the upward direction, instead of staying in the rut we can so easily drift into.

To help get yourself out of this rut, try taking the initiative and finding new challenges and skills you can learn that apply to your line of work. Look for areas that are related to your current role and duties. This may include finding free online training courses you can take to understand different areas of business, researching articles and other resources, or simply taking on a new project that your company needs someone to own and run with to grow your business.  

Look for new skills that will increase your knowledge of your industry, but that will also apply to your specific role.  Taking this initiative can open additional doors of opportunity within your current employer or a new employer in the future. Successful people are proactive lifelong learners.

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