Practice and the Value of Good Feedback

by Lisa Fife

You've perfected your resume and submitted your applications for your next job opportunity. Now it's time to practice and prepare for the interview. A mock interview will help you get comfortable answering interview questions and allow you to get valuable feedback on your overall performance during the interview.

First, find a good mentor, career counselor or other Human Resources professional to conduct the practice interview. The key is finding someone who will give you valuable feedback and constructive criticism to help make the most of your practice and help you be confident going into an actual interview.

If you are able, record your practice interview so you can go back and review it afterwards. To cover all aspects of the interview process, be sure to start with your introduction and greeting of the interviewer and finish with leaving the interview as you would at an actual interview. In addition to how you answer interview questions, it is just as important to practice these first and last impressions you make on the interviewer.

Once you have completed the mock interview, talk with your interviewer about your performance. Discuss how you answered the interview questions, your body language, your strengths, and the areas you may need to work on. Be sure to listen to the feedback you receive with an open mind and take everything into consideration before your next practice or real interview to ensure you are ready and confident!