Never Say “That’s Not My Job”

by Angela Bainter

In today’s fast-paced work environment, one of the best selling points for you as a job seeker is possessing a wide range of talents. Gone are the days of being able to focus on one skill set for an entire career. Employers frequently are looking for multi-talented people to help them to do more with less.

With this in mind, the most beneficial thing you can do as an employee is to avoid the phrase “That’s Not My Job.” If you’re in a small working environment, you’ll stand out if you become a multitasker and pick up the slack where coworkers need help. If you work in a larger organization and have a set job description, learning about other areas and skill sets can set you apart as an invaluable team member. Either way, look for opportunities to succeed by becoming an employee that is willing to say “You Can Count on Me.”

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