Make Your Online Presence Employer-Friendly

by Luke Miller

Potential employers want to know as much as possible about a candidate they're vetting for a position. Resumes communicate a person's experience and an interview can answer many questions, but there's a third tool a recruiter can use to access information about someone they're thinking about hiring: Google.

If you're looking for a job, make sure that you've done the research on… yourself. Dig into your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your blogs, and your LinkedIn profile. Google yourself. Think through how your posts and profiles might look to a potential employer as they do a quick search. Depending on how you want to manage it, there are two good options for controlling this: Go private on your profiles, or better yet, make them employer-friendly.

Looking for a job in sales or marketing? Show your skills through your social media accounts. Want to show your passion for your industry? Start sharing relevant information about that passion. Taking a little bit of time to think and work through this can save you a ton of headache down the line.

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