Look for Innovation and Efficiency in Your Role

by Lisa Fife

Do you want to stand out in your current role, and open new doors of opportunity? Think about how you can improve processes and incorporate new ideas into your role that add value to your organization. Are there daily tasks you do that could be done faster or better, by changing the way you do them? Are there areas you could save your company money by working more efficiently or using new technology and programs? 

This is also a great way to stand out and make a great first impression in a new role. A fresh set of eyes on a task or business process can often bring a new perspective on things. If you are moving into a new role or working with a new organization, look at how your expertise and experience can help innovate current processes and make your new workload more efficient. Look for ways other people in your industry or similar industries are innovating and see how you can apply similar processes into your work. 

Be sure to also look beyond your own role to see if other areas in your organization could benefit from some improvements to their work flow? Look for areas where you can offer ideas to make processes more efficient. 

Taking initiative in innovating and streamlining your work flow can easily lead to increased responsibilities, which help further your career. Show your employer that you can think outside the box and increase the value of your contributions to the organization. 

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