Keep It Professional

by Angela Bainter

When you're applying for jobs, you'll need to provide your personal contact information to prospective employers. The way you present yourself through email and voicemail will speak volumes to those contacting you. Your email address and your voicemail can be the first points of contact with interviewers, so make sure you put your best foot forward with professionalism. 

First, let's tackle email. While you might have an email address that displays your fun side for personal use, it won't be appealing to prospective employers. For example, thegladiator@youremail.comis too playful for professional use. If you have a playful email address, keep it; but set up a separate, more professional email address using your name that you can use when applying for jobs. 

Next, your voicemail greeting is equally as important. Before you start applying for jobs, check your voicemail greeting to see if it needs an update. Make sure you speak clearly in your recording and that you present yourself in a professional manner. 

To end, make sure every point of contact, including social media accounts, are giving employers the best impression of you so you'll be even more appealing as a new hire.