Job Seeker Essentials

by Staff

In your job search, it is important for you to know what kind of career opportunity you want. However, it is just as essential that you target what the employer wants in a potential employee. You can portray these qualities both in your resume and in your interview. Here are ways to focus on the key qualities that employers are looking for in candidates: 

* Ability

Before an employer will invest a lot of time in a candidate, they first want to determine if the candidate can even do the job. Hiring managers often receive resumes from unqualified candidates, so they first establish a candidate's skill level based on their resume. Demonstrate your personal skill level by emphasizing your accomplishments, especially those related to the position. 

* Initiative

We've all heard the phrase "think outside the box." Employers are looking for candidates who think outside the box. Show that you are capable of taking initiative by explaining specific instances where you identified a need or problem, developed a plan, and carried it out to produce a solution. 

* Leadership

Leadership skills are not reserved only for management. No matter what level you are at in your career, you can be a leader. Explain a time when you took charge by identifying a cost-cutting strategy or finding a way to increase productivity. 

* Job Growth

Employers are looking for employees that are self-sufficient and ready to go the extra mile. In explaining your work history to an interviewer, exhibit your ability to be independent, adapt to different situations and even take on additional responsibilities. This is especially important since many employers are generally not interested in with employees who are happy with the status quo. 

* Self Confidence

Hiring managers are looking for candidates who demonstrate that they can get the job done. You can give the impression that you are ready for the job through your self-confidence. Speak with confidence, using phrases like "I can" or "I will" instead of "I think I can." Also, your body language can make an impact. Make eye contact, have good posture, and give a firm handshake. 

* Reliability

Demonstrate your integrity and work ethic to the decision maker. Show them that you are a hard-working and honest employee. 

* Compatibility
When selecting a candidate for a position, employers may factor in personality and how the candidate will fit in the office culture. While you cannot know if your personality will fit any particular job, the best bet it to be yourself. 

* Enthusiasm
Show a positive attitude. This will help you exude confidence and prove that you are ready and excited about the prospect of the new career opportunity. It is best to avoid criticism of former employers or colleagues.

* Team Player
No job is self-sufficient; you will always need to work with other people. Explain your ability to be a team player. It can also help to demonstrate your gratitude for the contributions others have made to your previous team experiences. 

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