Job Hunting Strategies

by Staff

Searching for a job can feel like a full-time job, often resulting in feelings of frustration and discouragement. With the proper strategy, however, finding the right job can be a more enjoyable experience. Use these steps in your own job search strategy:

Get prepared

Decide what kinds of opportunities interest you. A self-assessment will help you on your way. Use your education, work history, hobbies, ambitions, values, and needs to help determine what jobs are the best fit for you.

Get the right attitude

Because a job search consumes a lot of time, it is easy to become discouraged. Start your search process with patience and a positive attitude. Your job search also may put you in challenging positions outside of your comfort zone. Accept these challenges – they may result in exciting new opportunities!

Get a plan

Map out a plan to help you find the right opportunities. Access your network of friends and professional colleagues. Also, contact employers who may have jobs that interest you. Lastly, professional organizations can be an informative source for career opportunities.

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