Get Your Resume Noticed “Insider Information”

by Stephen Jennings

Where do the majority of all resumes end up…the trash

With so many people applying for fewer jobs, managers must sift through resumes quickly and that means if you don’t catch their eye right away your resume will be in the trash.   Here is what’s being shared with those that are going to be interviewing you, the human resource manager.  Below is information targeted to those that are doing the hiring.  When you know what they are thinking when they look at a resume it can make all the different. 

“Attract Qualified Candidates”  Of course companies want to attract qualified candidates but how do they do this?  Here is what human resource professionals are being told to do….

“What can you do? In all your advertising and posting, be clear about the requirements and specific about the job. Unqualified candidates will self-select out, and the best candidates will be intrigued by the close match between what you seek and what they want.”  -HR Daily

What does this mean to you?  EVERYTHING!  When you read a job description and it lists the qualifications needed you must build your resume around their needs.  If you are sending out a standard resume for every position you apply for your resume will as they put it “self-select out.”  They wont see the qualifications listed on your resume and so it ends up in the trash. 

Here are more tips given to people doing the interviewing.  “Make a quick pass through your pile of credentials, glancing at each candidate’s résumé. Don’t read, just glance. (This is critical—résumés can be fascinating.  Set the résumé aside the instant you know the person is not fully qualified.) Put the credentials into one of three piles:” –HR Daily

   Pile A=appears to meet all or most qualifications

   Pile B=missing one or more important qualification

   Pile C=clearly not qualified (can you guess where these go?  The trash.) 

So my question to you is which pile will your resume end up in?  If you want to be in Pile A, you must tailor your resume for the specific job you are applying for.  Read the qualifications and job description and match your skills to them in your resume.  Use when appropriate, the same words used in the description of the job posting in your resume.  If they are looking for someone proficient at computer programming make sure you have a bullet in your resume or in your summary you state, Proficient at computer programming. 


This article was used with permission from Stephen Jennings, author of Promoting Yourself and GraduateWithaJob.

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