Fuel Everything You Do with An Increasing Passion

by Lisa Fife

Are you passionate about what you are currently doing? How much different would your career be if you were consistently passionate about what you do? A key to being successful in your career is having passion for your work. When you fuel your work with this passion, you will be more productive, creative, energized, and satisfied with your job. You will find it easier to work hard and stay engaged when you love what you are doing.

If you don’t feel energized to go to work everyday, think back to when you were excited about your work and find that passion you once had. You don’t have to love all of your responsibilities, but stay focused on what you do enjoy. Are you passionate about your church/organization? Are you passionate about the mission and purpose of your organization? Let this newfound excitement spread to the rest of your work and your daily responsibilities.

If you find yourself struggling to be passionate and engaged with your work, it may be time to move on to another opportunity. Are you passionate about a different industry or cause? Do you have a desire to help people? Maybe your passion lies in a different career or down a different path. Once you uncover what makes you want to give 110% of yourself, you can then discover new opportunities where you can use this passion.

Whether your passions lie in your existing position or a new job, use this enthusiasm to drive you towards excellence in all that you do.

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