Follow Up

by Luke Miller

Congratulations! You found a great position that fits your skills and qualifications, you created and submitted a professional-looking, well-organized resume, and you shined in your interview. Now all you can do is sit back and wait, right? Wrong. Follow up! 

It’s possible that your future employer interviewed a dozen applicants, many of whom may have shined just as bright as you. Your work is not done when you leave their office. It’s vitally important that you stay on their radar as an exceptional candidate with great communication skills, so follow up. Send an e-mail the same day thanking them for their time. Mention specific things from the interview that you think were particularly well-received. Also, if appropriate, send a handwritten note a few days after the interview. This extra touch goes a long way. 

When applying for a job, you’re competing against a number of people who are just as eager and hungry as you are. Follow up with e-mails, handwritten notes, a call, or all of the above to show that you’re a standout.