Follow Up For Success

by Staff

How many times have you sent a thank-you letter following an interview? While this practice may appear to be a formality, it's actually a great marketing tool for yourself. Recruiters will interview a number of people for the same position, so it is easy for the details on each candidate to be confused or forgotten. Also, it is difficult for a recruiter to get an accurate understanding of who you are through an interview. For these reasons, your follow up letter is an excellent tool to help you remind a recruiter why you are worthy of being hired. When writing your follow-up letter, keep in mind that recruiters are busy, so do not send a lengthy letter. Do take the time to thank the interviewer for meeting with you. Most importantly, though, identify the qualities you possess that will be beneficial to the position and to the organization. If the company's specific needs or challenges were presented in the interview, suggest how you will be helpful in meeting those needs. Overall, view the follow-up as the last opportunity to show the recruiter what you can do for the organization.