Find a Mentor

by Lisa Fife

Whether you are just joining the work force, have been in your field of work for many years, looking to transition to a new career path, or anywhere in between, having a great mentor can make a huge difference in your career success. Although close friends and family can be a great source of support, finding a good mentor is a great addition that can offer additional support and advice both personally and professionally, and networking opportunities to further your career. They can help give advice, direction, and challenge you when needed to help you grow and learn.

A great place to start in finding a mentor that will help you in your career, is to find someone who is already experienced in the field you are in or aspire to be in, whether it's an old boss or colleague, or someone new that you may not already personally know. This will help ensure you get applicable advice and guidance related to your field. If you do not personally know someone in your field that you could build a mentor relationship with, reach out to the people you do know to see if they know of anyone they could connect you with. You can also research organizations in your industry and look for experienced professionals that would be willing to mentor you.

There have been many times in my career when I've been so thankful to have people around me that I consider mentors. It's encouraging to know and talk with those that have experience with situations similar to what you may be going through. There was a time not too long ago, where I didn't know exactly how to handle a particular situation, but I was able to go to my mentors and ask for their help and guidance and felt confident in the next steps I felt I should take because they had been through it before.

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