Explore Every Opportunity

by Lisa Fife

When in a job search, it's important to keep your mind open to career possibilities. Don't limit your search to only the same position, field, or type of employer where you were previously working. Look beyond those and explore new opportunities to you can use your unique qualities to further your career and to be an asset to your future employer. Think outside the box, including similar fields and positions where your skills could easily be transferred into. Know your strengths, skills, and values; use those to find employers and positions where you can be a good fit. 

It is important, however, to not just apply everywhere that has a job opening. You will still want to carefully review the job descriptions to confirm you are qualified for the job based on the expectations set forth, and be sure the position is something you would enjoy doing. Be sure to also research the employer to determine if it is a place where you would enjoy working and where you feel you would be a good fit. 

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