Exclude Unnecessary Items from Your Resume

by Lisa Fife

We talk a lot about what to include in your resume, and how to make your resume stand out among other applicants. However, there are also things that you do not need to include on your resume.

The phrase "References Available Upon Request" is not necessary to add on your resume, nor is your actual list of personal and professional references, unless specifically requested in the job announcement. It is a given that you have and will provide references when requested by the hiring manager. However, be prepared at your interview to provide your list of references, if requested at that time.

You also do not need to include the phrase "Available for an Interview". If you are applying for a given position with an organization, you are essentially requesting to be considered for the position and requesting an interview. The hiring manager will automatically assume that you are available for an interview and will contact you to schedule one if they would like to consider you for their open position.

Another piece of information that is best to leave off of your resume are the reasons why you left previous positions. It is better to discuss this in person during the interview process than to try and explain on your resume.

While this is not an all inclusive list and there are other things that could be left off, these three items are applicable to most resumes.

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