Exclude Irrelevant Experience & Education

by Angela Bainter

I recently listed a job opening and received a plethora of resumes. Because of the number of resumes I received, each one got a quick scan to decide if the applicant was a good match or not. In this process, I saw a number of resumes that listed qualifications that had nothing to do with the open position. I also received outdated information about high school GPAs from 40-year-old applicants. This not only caused me to question the applicants’ true career path, but it also raised the question of how well the applicants were able to communicate.

Although you have many talents and experiences, employers mostly want to learn about the skills you have that apply to the position. In addition, a focused resume is easier for hiring managers to read. This is a plus for employers that may receive hundreds of resumes for one position. Lastly, a succinct but descriptive resume will demonstrate your ability to communicate.

While your education and experiences have led you to who you are today, you don’t have to include every single item to demonstrate why you’re the best candidate for a job opening. Take the time to craft each resume you send so that it outlines the best of your education and skills as they apply to the position. And then you’ll have a winning resume!

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