Email Addresses and Your Resume

by Audrey L. Pillow

Almost everyone remembers to proofread their resumes, and most candidates even remember to proofread their cover letters (yes, some companies still require them.) One item that all job seekers should review carefully, but often forget to, is their email address. What does your email address say about you? 

A few years ago, I was recruiting for a coveted position in one of our ministry departments, and a resume came through with decent qualifications, but the email address was inappropriate: It is very hard to justify contacting what is or could be a serious candidate at or Remember every part of your resume is reviewed not just content, but spelling errors, grammatical challenges, your font and yes, your email address. 

Some hints? Keep it simple. First name dot last name is always a winner. It's easy to remember, and isn't that what you want a recruiter or hiring manager to remember? Will they remember you out of all the candidates if they are emailing or will you leave a better impression with I always want my name on the tip of the tongue (or keyboard) of the person making the hiring decision.  

Remember not to call attention to things that an HR person or a hiring manager cannot take into account, such as age, sex, religious affiliations, or even political affiliation. Pointing out that you are a or a isn't going to get you the job. Make sure you aren't overly cute, either, by having an address such as Another pitfall? Don't use your email address at your current employer. It is very unprofessional to use your current company's email capabilities to search for your next job. 

It may seem like such a little thing, but your email address is more important than your physical address. Employers want to know that you are serious and professional. Save the cute email addresses for your friends and family, not your job search. 

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