Don't Disparage Your Old Boss or Employer

by Ellen Coleman

One topic almost every interviewer brings up is your previous employer or job. This is an easy topic to address if you left on good terms. However, what if that is not the case? Is it appropriate to address these issues in an interview? Here’s the short answer: No! An interview is not the place to discuss any resentment you may have toward your previous employer or boss.

Present the facts, not your judgments. Regardless of the circumstance, do not talk negatively about your previous employer to a potential new employer. This gives the interviewer the impression that you would do the same to them or their company if you ever leave. Remember, your new employer may become your old employer one day. By sticking to the facts, you are able to leave out any emotion.

Instead of disparaging your old boss, make references to any positive experiences you may have had while employed. Give facts about what you learned while working for them, the scope of your work, and anything you gained while employed. Remember, your time with the interviewer is limited, so don’t spend your time talking negatively. Use every opportunity to showcase your strengths and positive experiences.