Connect Your Past to Your Future

by Luke Miller

When crafting your resume, your chief goal is to tell a story that communicates that you’re the perfect fit for the position you’re applying for. You want to share any previous education or experience that is relevant to the position you’re applying for. But what about the previous experience you’ve had that isn’t directly related to the new gig? 

When you come across previous work experience that isn’t directly related to the position to which you’re applying, do your best to frame that experience in light of the new job’s requirements. I used to coordinate production for the advertising sales team at a newspaper, but when I went to apply for a job in customer service, I made sure to connect my previous experience to “serving my customers, the sales team”. 

I’m not suggesting that you misrepresent the truth, just that you find ways to talk about your experience that stand out to your future boss. 

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