Are You Qualified for the Job?

by Lisa Fife

Searching for a new job can very time consuming. To make the most of your search, maximize the time you spend by focusing your search and applying for jobs that you are qualified for. Don't limit your search on only positions that you have previously held, but be sure to focus on those that you truly meet the qualifications for. Many employers will have sections in their job descriptions that list each of the required and sometimes additional desired qualifications. Carefully review these expectations to ensure that you meet the requirements before you spend your valuable time applying for the position. 

When applying for positions you are qualified for, be sure that your resume and cover letter confirm to the employer that you do meet their requested qualifications. For instance, if the position requires a certain level of education, be sure that you've listed your applicable education history on your resume. The same is true with other qualifications like a required number of years experience in a certain area; be sure that your resume clearly shows the employer that you have met those expectations. Confirming that the information, you send to the hiring manager, meets their qualifications, will help ensure you are considered for their open position.

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