Apply Less (to Fewer Positions)

by Luke Miller

If you're out of work and looking for a new job, you may be tempted to follow the conventional wisdom to send resumes and applications to anyone and everyone who might possibly be thinking about hiring. While turning over every rock is a good way to discover opportunities, be careful that your search doesn't become a mile wide and an inch deep.

During a recent search, I came across a resume that looked really good. The applicant had relevant experience, and, based on work history, seemed like a good fit for our organization. I called the applicant to ask a few questions and schedule an interview, and she had no recollection of applying and asked me to remind her who we were. After a few questions, it became clear that she wasn't interested in the position we were hiring for.

A good job search requires job seekers to work smarter, to maximize their time and energy. Find positions that fit you within organizations for whom you'd like to work. Focus your efforts on deeper searching, and apply to fewer positions. Tailor your resume for specific jobs and companies, research opportunities and take notes about the positions you're applying for, and don't waste your time by applying for jobs you don't actually want.

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