Apply for Jobs You Want

by Angela Bainter

If you’re looking for a job, chances are there is a problem with the job you currently have. Perhaps you don’t like the work, you are looking for something more fulfilling, you want a shorter commute, or the hours are too long. Any number of reasons can cause someone to look for a new job. The majority of the time, however, it’s because there is a negative component to your current job and you’re looking to improve your work situation. 

To help the next step in your career be a successful one, only apply for the jobs that truly interest you. There are thousands of job openings out there. You may find a job opening that would provide better pay or in a more desirable location. But if actual function of the job is not something that appeals to you, you’ll quickly feel dissatisfied and begin the job search again. If you are driven by working with people, a data entry job is probably not for you. If you like working with technology, a teaching job is probably not the right fit. If you’re selective in your job search to only seek out positions that interest you, you’ll find greater fulfillment in your new job and avoid starting over with a new job search.

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