Christian Employment Articles

  • 7 Secrets to Being a High Achiever

    by Ron Edmondson
    I get asked frequently how I am able to get so much done and still take care of myself and my family. I pastor a large church. I maintain a separate non-profit ministry, where I speak at various conferences and events. I have an active online presence. I mentor about a dozen pastors – some in groups and some as individuals, plus I mentor 4 young leaders in our church. And, I try to stay active in the community – serving on a number of ...   Read More
  • 6 Ways to Save Money in the New Year

    by Crystal Paine
    A new year is here, and with it comes renewed resolution to make lasting changes. If you could use some extra wiggle room in your budget, here are just a few ways to save money throughout the year. Each penny, quarter and dollar helps. You may already do some of these things, but hopefully at least a few of these ideas will spark some fresh inspiration for you.   1. Create a Written Budget A budget gives you the ability to track your spending ...   Read More
  • 15 Ways to Become a Better You in the New Year

    by Debra Fileta
    5…4…3…2…1… And with that brief introduction, a New Year begins. I don’t know about you, but this new year definitely snuck up on me. I wasn’t really prepared for it. I probably say that every year, but in so many ways this year I didn’t feel prepared to end one thing and start something new. Maybe it’s because the past year has brought so much change in my life. Changes in my job, my ministry, ...   Read More
  • Everything You Do in Life Should be for the Glory of God

    by John Mark Comer
    We live in a time of overlap between the ages. What one theologian called “the time between the times.” Because so many people are blind to God’s glory, we, as God’s people, are to live in such a way that people start to see God’s presence and beauty. But notice Paul’s examples. “Whether you eat or drink . . .” What could be more ordinary and humdrum than eating and drinking? And then Paul says, “or whatever ...   Read More
  • 3 Ways Your Mindset Can Affect Your Career

    by Hannah Aloi
    “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill I learned the importance of a person’s demeanor at my very first job. It wasn’t exactly a glamorous gig (but what part-time, after-school job is, really?) After a few months of working there, I started to notice a strange phenomenon: the highly contagious marvel known as negativity. It was wild to me to see how seemingly normal things upset ...   Read More
  • 11 Ways to Recover from Being Too Busy

    by Whitney Hopler
    Are you rushing through life with a packed schedule that pushes you along? Do you often find yourself stressed and exhausted from trying to fit too much into too little time? If you look beneath your busy lifestyle, you’ll discover that it may be covering up something you lack spiritually. God intends for you to live a peaceful life, with plenty of time to rest. You can start enjoying that kind of life once you heal from the factors that are ...   Read More
  • 10 Warnings for Those Who Seek to be Senior Leaders

    by Ron Edmondson
    I have a few warnings for those who want to be a senior leader. I should probably first say, should you choose to do so, I’ll be one of your cheerleaders. I’ve been in a senior leadership position most of my career. Some days – many days – I would rather someone else had the role. I know I would not be satisfied long-term. I think some are called to senior leadership – or at least wired for it. (And, if God has ...   Read More
  • God Will Use Your Season of Discomfort and Change

    by Drew Williams
    I met a man last week who had a very long, studied and successful career as a senior partner with one of the largest and most successful accountancy practices in U.S. history. We sat in his backyard on the kind of fall morning that makes you grateful to live in a world where there are Octobers. We drank apple cider at what he called his “lemonade table.” The table was comprised of a large piece of circular marble sitting on top of a tree ...   Read More
  • 8 Killers of Motivations - and Ultimately Killers of Momentum

    by Ron Edmondson
    Leaders need to remain motivated so they can help motivate their team. Leaders also need to be keenly aware of how motivated their team is at any given time. I have found over the years that regardless of how motivated I am if the people around me are unmotivated, we aren’t going to be very successful as a team. Which is why it may be even more important a leader learns recognize when a team is decreasing in motivation. But, here’s ...   Read More
  • How to Respond to the Harshest Critic

    by Elisa Pulliam
    Why is it that we seem to notice every flaw, missed step, and wrong turn and never seem to appreciate what we do right? It’s as if we’re looking to put ourselves down before someone else gets a chance. Meanwhile, we put on labels we were never meant to wear. You’re not good enough. You’re too much. What a fool. Ugly. Rejected. I’ve worn all these labels over various times in my life. I felt like I wasn’t good ...   Read More