3 Ways Your Mindset Can Affect Your Career

by Hannah Aloi

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

I learned the importance of a person’s demeanor at my very first job. It wasn’t exactly a glamorous gig (but what part-time, after-school job is, really?) After a few months of working there, I started to notice a strange phenomenon: the highly contagious marvel known as negativity. It was wild to me to see how seemingly normal things upset my coworkers. I commonly heard phrases like, “If even one more customer comes in, I am going to lose my mind!” or “I hate this place, I just want to go home!” But the way that I saw it, if I didn’t come ready to work, then why did I come at all?

Of course, the customers were sometimes difficult to interact with, or the job was exhausting. However, I always felt that no matter what the issue was, a sour mindset was not going to solve it. Over ten years later, I have found that a resiliently positive philosophy has been a real benefit to my career. Here’s why:

  1. Reputation Is Important.

The core of your character will follow you in every area of life, and you never know where your next opportunity will come from! Almost all of my career opportunities arose because of my reputation for being a positive person. Whether I found myself at an interview with a former co-worker, or by someone who knew me from church, life has taught me, with every new career advancement, that the way I present myself in all areas of life will come back to either haunt me or bless me.

  1. An Upbeat Frame of Mind Makes Time Fly.

Every time that I drag myself to work gloomy or grumpy, it makes the day feel never-ending. I find that looking at the bright side and choosing to approach the day with excitement and an optimistic outlook becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Some good days come naturally, but many require effort and intentionality on my part. Whether it comes naturally or I have to get a little creative, finding enjoyment in the work I do passes the time and relieves unnecessary stress.    

  1. A Positive Posture Fosters Growth.

When the task at hand seems daunting or poses an unexpected challenge, I choose to enjoy it, even welcome it. I realize that these are the obstacles that help me to learn and become more skillful at what I do. If I shun every opportunity to grow, then my career may become stale. If I intend to move forward in my career, then I have to remember that it all starts with the playing field in my own mind. It is the person who learns to be a good steward of their attitude that eventually lands their dream job!