Christian Employment Articles - Interview Tips

  • 3 Interview Questions Pastors Must Be Prepared To Answer

    by Jamie Byrd, Vanderbloemen Search Group
    In my role at Vanderbloemen Search Group, I get the amazing opportunity to talk daily with pastors seeking their next ministry opportunity. Often, what separates good candidates from the great ones is a candidate’s ability to give thoughtful responses to the questions asked of them. A person who is able to answer questions succinctly and articulately comes across as being prepared and having a high interest in the position. Whether ...   Read More
  • 20 Questions a Pastoral Candidate Should Ask a Search Committee

    by Joe McKeever
    Here’s the situation. You, the pastoral candidate, are sitting in a room with a committee of anywhere from 6 to 20 people. They have spent the evening tossing questions, real and theoretical, at you. You are drained and everyone is ready for the evening to end. But not yet. Finally, the chair says, “And pastor, is there anything you would like to ask us?” You bring out your list. Now, if everyone has been sitting for an hour ...   Read More
  • Guaranteed Way to Stand Out During an Interview

    by Stephen Jennings
    Use this secret as you prepare for an interview and I promise you will stand out head and shoulders above the other candidates interviewing. I can say this because I have practiced this myself and have taught others this little know secret with great results. I have even written about it in my two books, Graduate With A Job and Promoting Yourself. THE SECRET: Make contact with a customer of the company you will be interviewing with and find out ...   Read More
  • 7 Suggestions When Interviewing for a Ministry Position

    by Ron Edmondson
    I serve on the board of a local youth leadership program. These students are the top of their class, so the entry is competitive. Part of qualifying process is an interview with board members — most who are seasoned business and community leaders. I am always reminded in the process how interviewing, as critical as it is to acquiring a position, is not something everyone knows how to do — regardless of their other accomplishments. I’ve ...   Read More
  • 7 Stories to Help Win the Job of Your Dreams

    by Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck
    Today's interviews are often competency-based, "behavioral" interviews. Employers want to know how you have behaved in specific situations so that they can evaluate not only how well you could do the job, but how you would fit into the work team and corporate culture. The best preparation for a behavioral interview is developing personal stories that illustrate past accomplishments. Ultimately, the bottom-line question that employers need you to ...   Read More
  • Interviewing for a New Job?

    by Jennifer Maggio
    In today's world, the job market has become ever-so competitive. It is crucial that those who are actively seeking employment know how to do the "little things" well. What can you do to set you apart? How will potential employers remember you? How do you get started, if you haven't job searched in many years? Here are a few tips to get you started:   Show up on time for your interview. This actually means to show up 15 minutes early. Trust ...   Read More
  • 6 Steps to a Great Phone Interview

    by Stephen Jennings
    Your resume looked great, it made it past the computers that were looking for keywords and you have now been asked to have a phone interview.  Congratulations!  You are one step closer to getting a face-to-face interview but you must first get through the phone interview.  A phone interview is simply a screening out interview.  Usually it’s done by someone in the human resources department and they are going to ask you ...   Read More
  • Take Your Time When Answering Questions

    by Luke Miller
    Let’s face it. Interviews are awkward. You’re sitting down with a stranger who doesn’t know you, trying to convince them that you’d be the best employee they could ever hire. And they ask really difficult questions! Your answers need to come across as confident, but not arrogant; thorough, but not long-winded. Often, in our quest to show that we know what we’re talking about, we launch too quickly into an answer and ...   Read More
  • Practice and the Value of Good Feedback

    by Lisa Fife
    You've perfected your resume and submitted your applications for your next job opportunity. Now it's time to practice and prepare for the interview. A mock interview will help you get comfortable answering interview questions and allow you to get valuable feedback on your overall performance during the interview. First, find a good mentor, career counselor or other Human Resources professional to conduct the practice interview. The key is finding ...   Read More
  • Research Your Interviewer

    by Luke Miller
    Even if you're not an anxious person, going into a job interview can be extremely nerve-racking. You typically have no idea what kinds of questions you're going to be asked by a complete stranger. Unless you have the ability to see into the future, I can't help you with the questions. Modern social technologies, however, can help you learn a little about the person interviewing you. If you know the name of the person who will be interviewing you, ...   Read More