The Secret to Impactful Leadership

by Guy Hatcher

When it comes to your leadership role in your company, your home or with those in your circle of influence; the authority in whom you are aligned with speaks to what/who has captured your heart.

Through my work with many successful Godly leaders, I have found one of the greatest attributes they are blessed with is the ability to identify and choose the right relationships and opportunities. Successful Godly leaders seem to facilitate and create more opportunities through their relationships as they leverage their choices. They see things by looking through a healthy and God-designed perspective.

Impactful leaders teach us that the potential for tremendous Kingdom Impact will only be realized when we get our mindset and perspective aligned with God’s mindset and purpose. He gives each of us a call (purpose) and he also gives each of us land (territory) to manage just as he did with Father Abraham.

Let me explain using a story from the Bible. God called Abraham’s father, Terah, to go to Canaan. However, Terah stopped at Haran; he chose to stop short of the place God had called him to. There, in Haran, he completed his life journey, in other words, he never made it to Canaan. Abraham the faithful son stayed by his father’s side until Terah’s death.

Following Terah’s death, God called Abraham to leave Haran and go toward the land he promised him (Canaan). Genesis 12:1 - 7 tells us God promised Abraham specific land, a great name, blessings, a generational family legacy and abundant fruitfulness. This was an everlasting covenant between God and all of Abraham’s offspring, which includes all who have surrendered their lives to Christ.

Why did Abraham receive this blessing? Because he trusted God with his availability and God blessed Abraham with opportunity. Abraham’s father had the same opportunity, but for reasons we don’t know, he stopped short in accepting this call—this gift. Abraham surrendered his availability to God and God honored his surrender with opportunity. Abraham stepped into God’s call on his life and chose not to stop short of seeking the full opportunity God had placed before him. He did not take his eyes off of God’s call.

The truth is Godly leaders are those who say yes to the opportunities God places in front of them. These leaders first have an active relationship with God and this allows them to recognize the right opportunities to choose.  They seek his will for not only their lives, but for the lives of others in whom they have influence.

Secondly, they nurture first their relationship with Christ and then from that their relationships with others. They listen for God’s direction and they don’t stop short of his call in their lives. They model surrender, availability, and obedience through their choices, pursuits and actions. 

Thirdly, they live out a leadership legacy and they pass God’s truths and the blessing that comes through obeying his truths to many future generations through the life they live and the lives they impact. They recognize God’s purposes are often times higher than are the purposes they seek for themselves. This speaks to the lens through which they view their callings. Leaders recognize the world’s lens has flaws and cracks in it so when you look through this lens you will always see a somewhat tainted reality. However, when you look through God’s lens you have clear focus and clarity of vision and therefore you see purpose with Godly perspective.

Back to the question I asked you at the beginning, when it comes to your leadership role in your company, your home or with those in your circle of influence; whose authority are you aligned with? Who has captured your heart? When you seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness he will add to your storehouse of blessings and he will expand your circle of influence. As you surrender your life to him and make yourself available to follow his calling, he will give you opportunities to impact the world around you.    

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