Roles and Responsibilities

by Frank Damazio

Momentum is captured by the team leaders doing all the little right things that build momentum every day. The leadership team is the key for continuing momentum. They keep the vision clear and the ministry teams unified and motivated to move in the right direction.

Teams that pursue vision together understand the shared vision and what a win is for the team. Momentum in any church will be carried by the team of teams that is building the vision. Teams should stay small enough in number to get things done as a team without meeting to discuss things to death. Sometimes you have to just do it.

Make sure your team has adequate levels of complementary skills and skill potential, and then get to work. All teams must build according to the core of the vision, and their final product must reflect the core.

Teams exist to achieve the vision, not just to do what the team likes to do. In other words, the team’s efforts must be directed in such a way that the vision is kept in focus, not the individual leader’s ideas. The teams that achieve what is expected and surpass expectations are the ones that should be used to help other teams see how they should build.

The Team Leader’s Role

The team leader is a key factor in building a momentum that stays strong. Momentum is very closely tied to the team leader’s attitudes and actions, so choosing each leader must be done carefully. It’s not a piece we can miss. Your choice will determine whether the flywheel moves smoothly and with force, or it gets stuck and doesn’t move at all. Find team leaders whom you can train, and you will find that momentum builds slowly but powerfully.

The Vision Leader’s Responsibility

Your responsibility as a leader of vision is to keep all teams focused on the main thing, not the 100 good things they would all like to do. It is absolutely necessary that you the leader state a clear, simple vision and a clear simple win for each team.

Vision is a by-product of reflection. It requires that everyone slows down and looks at what matters most, what’s worth doing and what must be accomplished beyond reactive impulses. Strategy surfaces as you have ongoing discussions about what matters most.

This article was provided by our partner, Frank Damazio, Pastor of City Bible Church and the Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International, a fellowship of thousands of churches nationwide and around the world.

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