Most Valuable Leader

by Frank Damazio
“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” –John C. Maxwell

Leadership starts with you.
You are the most valuable asset in the leadership culture. The character and quality of you the leader makes you the valuable person on whom the entire church is being built. You are on the front lines building relationships and walking with the people who are part of the vision – both in making the vision happen and being the people that we are trying to help. I have found that there are a couple very important facts that leaders need to realize.

You matter to people.

Your leadership matters to people. You will teach and model relational health with God, others, authority, family, and so on. There might be one person at the front leading the charge, but take that person away and the rest of the leaders are still in place, keeping the engine moving. Don’t underestimate how much you matter to people. Others do look to you for leadership. How are you doing in leading them right now?

Although a person could exert leadership of ideas through persuasive writings or making speeches, most leadership happens in an interactive context between individuals and group members.

You reproduce yourself.

Every leader must be actively reproducing other leaders. If no one is following you, you are just going for a walk. Leadership is training others to take your place in leadership. What kind of leader are you reproducing? Are they loyal, faith-filled, serving, encouraging, sacrificial and giving? You are to build your team with skills that are resident within you. Do you know who you are, what you care about and why people should follow you?

Artificial leaders are no good for people. Phoniness, pretention, indecisiveness and fame playing are a detriment. You are important, valuable and responsible. People will serve and make a difference because of you. I hope you grasp today the fact that you are the most important and most valuable leader. 

This article was provided by our partner, Frank Damazio, Pastor of City Bible Church and the Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International, a fellowship of thousands of churches nationwide and around the world.

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