Leaders of Strength

by Frank Damazio

“Our Father, who has set a restlessness in our hearts and made us all seekers after that which we can never fully find… keep us at tasks too hard for us that we may be driven to Thee for strength.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Leadership is a privilege and, at times, a pressure. We absorb the variety of challenges, trials, and responsibilities as we journey the road of being a leader with the promise of God’s strength and grace. As leaders, we must continually align ourselves with the work of God in our congregation, our own soul, our family and the leaders under and above us. God is at work all around us and most certainly in us; and we are to pay close attention to that work.

We are on a journey, a pilgrimage, as we fulfill the vision God has given to us. Those on the leadership team with you are your traveling companions. What makes for strong leadership? What are the key ingredients every strong leader should have?

Here are actions of strong leaders.

1. Face adversity with confident strength

Do not allow faintness of spirit or soul to creep in. True strength is revealed in times of complexity and pressure. Untested strength is an unreliable strength; you may imagine yourself to be stronger than you are. True strength is formed by overcoming adversity. Strengthen yourself in the day of adversity.

2. Change momentum by actions of strength

One leader who rises to the challenge with strength will change the momentum for everyone. One leader who rises in strength will put strength into the weak. One leader who lifts the voice with strength will inspire everyone. What action will you take to inspire strength in others?

3. Restore strength with prayer and praise

Strength is released in our praises because our thoughts are lifted up to the high things of God and our faith is increased. Strength is released as we praise. It is released in our soul, our emotions and our mind. Praise is our soul-charger. Out of our helplessness, God’s power is manifest.


This article was provided by our partner, Frank Damazio, Pastor of City Bible Church and the Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International, a fellowship of thousands of churches nationwide and around the world.

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