Consistent Character

by Frank Damazio

“Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.” –Sir Winston Churchill

Integrity is a character virtue. It is not inherited and is not automatic because of your family tree. Integrity is not based on achievements, credentials or reputation. Integrity is the core from which all your decisions, actions and intents proceed.

All ministry comes from the core; therefore we need to establish a core of integrity that will not be compromised.

Because integrity lies at the core of everything we are and do, we need to make sure that we give undivided attention and undiminished priority to God’s Word, values and will. Your personal life affects your authority in the public arena. If you have no integrity in your personal life, you limit your authority and influence in your public life. If you have a team with great integrity, then the people your team produces will also have sound character.

Proverbs 11:5 offers this wisdom: “Moral character makes for smooth traveling; an evil life is a hard life.” If you want to sail smoothly in life, make sure your inner compass firmly points to true north. Biblical integrity will never steer you wrong.

The Josephson Institute of Ethics describes right and wrong behavior like this: “Ethics is about how we meet the challenge of doing the right thing when that will cost more than we want to pay.” How would you rate yourself on this scale?

  • I am always ethical.
  • I am mostly ethical.
  • I am somewhat ethical.
  • I am seldom ethical.
  • I am never ethical.

Take a moment to do a checkup right now of your integrity. Are you placing undiminished priority on God’s Word and His values?

If you live by the biblical rules of right and wrong, you will never falter. Integrity builds credibility, and credibility leads to influence. When you lose credibility, you lose influence. Stay consistent in the small actions and when a major test of your integrity comes, the solid core of sound integrity will speak for you.

This post is from the book, Life-Changing Leadership.


This article was provided by our partner, Frank Damazio, Pastor of City Bible Church and the Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International, a fellowship of thousands of churches nationwide and around the world.

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