Authentic Biblical Leadership

by Frank Damazio

Every once in awhile, church leaders need spiritual checkups. They need to pull back from busy lifestyles – the business and burden of ministry – and look closely at who they are and what they are becoming. For leaders to maintain integrity and high levels of biblical productivity, reevaluation is imperative.

Everything left to itself degenerates in this world. Without regular tune-ups, car engines clog up with rust, debris and old oil. The same principle works in human nature. Only the power of the Holy Spirit working in Christians’ hearts renews and keeps them from spiritual degeneration. If church leaders are willing to evaluate their spiritual condition, their leadership motivation and the Holy Spirit will reveal areas that need to be changed or moved.

The Lord desires authentic leaders in His church. The word “authentic” means being a genuine original or authority, being what one purports to be, trustworthy, reliable, legally attested and opposing the false. It carries the idea of being true, certain, faithful, credible and authorized.

Authentic biblical leadership is:
- Sincere
- Trustworthy
- Truthful
- Honest
- Transparent
- Genuine
- Credible

All true spiritual leaders wish to have their lives, character and ministries authenticated by God. If you set aside time for your own spiritual checkup and invite the Holy Spirit to work deeply within your heart, you will appear before the Lord. He will inspect and renew you. He will give you a spiritual tune-up and give you His seal of authenticity.

Genuine Christian ministry takes place in an environment of respect and trust. God’s grace administered by faithful human servants, softens people’s hearts. Changed lives prove that God uses trustworthy ministers to perform His handiwork.


This article was provided by our partner, Frank Damazio, Pastor of City Bible Church and the Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International, a fellowship of thousands of churches nationwide and around the world.

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