3 Influence Builders

by Frank Damazio
You have influence, amazing power. The word “influence” represents the fact that you can affect other people and their decisions for life and eternity. In your workplace, your effect can be life changing for anyone and everyone who feels your influence.

Workplace influence is authenticity in personal character at work as you experience purposeful faith conversations and grow your influence. You will not have influence if your character is not authentic and if you do not have anything in you that shows you are a different kind of person.

Here are three ways to build influence.

1. Integrity

Integrity is consistency of actions, values, principles, and relationships. Fortify your integrity by committing yourself to honesty, reliability, and confidentiality. Decide you will never sell your integrity – not for power, revenge, pride, or money. Decide to bend your actions to conform to your principles. You can become a person of integrity no matter where you are coming from or what you have been through.

2. Credibility

The credible person is capable of being believed and is worthy of confidence. When you lose credibility, you lose influence. Raise your credibility by developing your skills and investing in the training you need to do your job best.

Avoid gossip and care about people. Show them that you are really interested in them and in what they are saying to you. A credible person is a trustworthy person and one of the best ways to build trust is by showing genuine care for people.

3. Service

Service is selflessly preferring others’ needs above yours. Influence is gained in preferring others’ needs above yours. Influence does not need to assert itself. Like respect, it is gained through consistent actions of service and results in a broken life. Volunteer. Look for chances to help others, just one person every day.

Send an e-mail, make a phone call, write a letter – do something that gets the attention off you and onto others.

We can influence our workplaces today for the Kingdom. Build your influence with integrity, credibility, and service.

This article was provided by our partner, Frank Damazio, Pastor of City Bible Church and the Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International, a fellowship of thousands of churches nationwide and around the world.

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