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  • 10 Things Great Leaders Grant Their Teams

    by Ron Edmondson
    Whether stated or unspoken, a leader plays the key role in setting the culture of the organization. People on any team will often wait until they feel they have permission from leadership before they move forward. If you want your team to flourish, make sure you grant them permission to be a great team. Here are 10 things great leaders grant their team: The right to dream – Leaders give the team permission to dream the seemingly impossible. ...   Read More
  • Maintaining a Godly Perspective in a Corporate Culture

    by Johny Garner
    In September of 2016, news reports revealed Wells Fargo fired 5,300 employees who created over 1.5 million unauthorized accounts for customers. If a customer opened an account at Wells Fargo, the employee who opened the account received credit toward performance goals. Some employees also opened extra accounts customers didn’t request, boosting their monthly sales. According to early reports, senior leaders at Wells Fargo defended the company’s ...   Read More
  • How to Create a Culture of Trust with Your Team (According to My Team)

    by Samantha Villenave
    I consider myself blessed to have a small yet diverse group of people to work with, and I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about how our team culture can be a place of safety and growth for each of us. Each member of a team or organization has a different role to play, and as a manager, it is easy to become blind to my own faults. That is a terrible trap since as Christian leaders we are called to be conduits of goodness, growth, and ...   Read More
  • The Fine Print in Christian Leadership

    by Ron Edmondson
    The secret things belong to the Lord our God…” Deuteronomy 29:29 I’ll never forget the first time I read this verse. I was reading through the Bible in a year. Honestly, and I hope my hyper sensitive pastors don’t get upset with this one, but that part of Scripture reading can be difficult at times. But, hidden in the midst of Deuteronomy is this one verse. In my version, I actually think it may have been in parenthesis. ...   Read More
  • 10 Warnings for Those Who Seek to be Senior Leaders

    by Ron Edmondson
    I have a few warnings for those who want to be a senior leader. I should probably first say, should you choose to do so, I’ll be one of your cheerleaders. I’ve been in a senior leadership position most of my career. Some days – many days – I would rather someone else had the role. I know I would not be satisfied long-term. I think some are called to senior leadership – or at least wired for it. (And, if God has called ...   Read More
  • One Simple, But HUGE Way to Better Empower a Team

    by Ron Edmondson
    Leader, let me share one of the best things you can do to better empower your team. And, in full disclosure, I’m the worst at this, but it’s something I continually strive to do better. You want to fully empower your team? Here’s what you do: Release them from responsibility. Whenever you can. Often as leaders we handle a lot of information. Sometimes we do that with our team. Sometimes we dispense a lot of new ideas. If we ...   Read More
  • Five "Leadership 101" Principles

    by Dr. James Emery White
    I was recently briefed on a church situation that left me shaking my head in complete disbelief. The details aren’t important. Suffice it to say that the attempt to accomplish a strategic goal was being severely mishandled, and it was resulting in complete failure. As I listened, it was as if every elementary understanding of effective leadership was at best lost in ignorance, or at worst being purposefully ignored. This wasn’t a case ...   Read More
  • 9 Overlooked Costs Of A Bad Hire

    by Sarah Robins, Vanderbloemen Search Group
    Making a bad hire is expensive. In our work with churches and ministries, we’ve found that many organizations don’t realize the real costs that are involved in hiring the wrong person. Yes, you will spend money on a few job postings and travel in the hiring process, but the costs go well beyond that.  Below are nine common costs that churches often overlook in the hectic season of finding a new staff member. 1. Your Time I ...   Read More
  • 7 Times I Submit to People I Lead

    by Ron Edmondson
    I’m the leader. Are you impressed? I’m the guy others report to each day. Impressed some more? Don’t be. It just means I have a lot of heartburn and more gray hair than most people my age. Seriously, I think we sometimes take leadership too seriously. We think without the leader nothing good can happen on a team. Not true. Don’t misunderstand. We need good leadership. I might even say without leadership – in a ...   Read More
  • “What Do You Do?” The Greater Purpose of Our Work

    by Liz Wann
    I love getting things done. I feel accomplished checking off boxes on my to-do list. I’m satisfied with finishing even small tasks, like washing a few dishes in the sink. There’s something gratifying about laying my head on my pillow, knowing it was a productive day.   Our ideas of a productive day might be different, but it’s undeniable that we, as a culture, love seeing results for our work. We like the politician who promises ...   Read More