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Easy Digital X-ray LLC

Medical Distributor Sales

Easy Digital X-ray LLC
Any City, Any State, United States

Date Posted: 01/24/2012
Categories: Sales - Work At Home
Job Type: Contract

Job Description:
Medical sales Opportunity

This is your chance to get in on the ground level of an exciting new business opportunity. This 1099 position is perfect for someone that has excellent phone skills and a persuasive personality. You find medical offices that use x-ray film, get an email address for the person in charge of x-ray, and we send them an email that will have them go to Once they go to our site and upgrade from film to digital, you get paid. It is critical for x-ray film users to upgrade in 2012 because of expiring tax credits. My website will be the first to make this decision a no-brainer for film users
Hard working professionals that generate even one sell per day will earn thousands of dollars per week. You get the potential customer to our website, we will take care of the rest.

So why do I need you if this is so great?? Starting a successful business is about finding a need and filling it. I have a product and the website to fill a real need out there, but I don’t have the capital or money to hire a sales force to bring it all together and penetrate the market. I need people that want to make big money for themselves and my company. The only limit and factor to your success is you. Protected territories help insure your success with hard work.Top performers may be considered for full time employment and management. Average sales cycle is one week to 3 months. You need only a good head on your shoulders, and access to unlimited phone and internet. Average one sell per day, make a six-figure income. One sell a week is worth at least $500. You get paid between 10-20% of the total profit in the deal. This is not some sort of scam, and this is the first time I have ever done anything like this. I am paying you like a medical sales rep once the customer buys. Website goes live in 2 weeks. I need good people that will try and outgive God with the bounty be bestows upon you through this.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity....revolutionary product is first of it's onsite service, which is HUGE

Anyone that hears the details wants in. I believe this will mean financial freedom for more than one of you reading this.
If it isn't for you, please let another Christain in need know about it.

Thanks for reading and may God bless you

Joe Greene
Owner- Easy Digital X-ray LLC

If you are totally intrigued and want the book version, read this but beware it IS LONG!

Hi, I’m Joe Greene, Thank you for listening to me today. I truly believe this opportunity will change lives in here today and will be well worth your time if you decide you want to be a part of it.

Remember how quickly we all made the transition from 35mm film cameras to digital cameras?
When digital cameras first came out, they were very expensive. People knew they were awesome; they just didn’t want to fork out $1000 for one. But when prices came down, boy they really came down! It’s like $20 bucks now for a cheap little digital camera, amazing! There came a tipping point where the price became so affordable, it no longer made since to use a 35mm camera.
When you stopped buying and developing film, those cost savings alone paid for your new camera almost instantly if you take as many pictures as my wife did and does. And now you can cut, change, and manipulate the picture any way you want, so much easier and better overall right? Once I got first digital camera, I wished that I had bought one a lot sooner.

A paradigm shift occurred, which made a multi billion dollar industry disappear in only a few years. Hear about Kodak in last month? Gone! Now it took a few years from when the first early adapters bought Digital Cameras to when the bargain hunters like me bought one because it was on clearance under $100! 1.3 megapixels baby! I was on my way!

The same thing is happening with x-ray film as we speak. The real paradigm shift happened almost a year ago, because of soaring silver prices (used to make film) and continually increasing fuel costs. Film costs shot up 50-100% 2011.
Now almost all the hospitals out there have gone to digital x-ray already, and a lot of early adapters and really busy practices have gone digital too. But about half of the smaller medical clinics that take x-rays are still using x-ray film nationwide. Most of these film users don’t understand that the paradigm shift has already occurred, and that it no longer makes sense for them to continue using x-ray film. The reason they don’t understand is because there are large upfront costs of upgrading to digital. It starts at about $20k. Most can’t get around that $20k number, and they don’t really understand the technology...even though they know that digital is the only future. Anyone taken any pictures with a 35mm camera lately?

So a lot of the remaining x-ray film users out there are like I was buying my first digital camera. I knew digital was the only future, I knew I would buy digital eventually, and I knew that I wouldn’t buy a digital camera until it cost the same or less to operate as a 35mm film camera, regardless of the features. It was purely about cost to me, just like these small businesses. And then one day I realized how dirt cheap digital cameras had gotten and I bought one.

Digital x-rays cost less overall than film for pretty much anybody seeing even a couple of x-ray patients a day now. There isn’t a website out there that truly explains to these clinics why they can’t afford to not be digital…until now. There is an entire nation of lower volume x-ray service providers leaking profit every month by continuing to use film, and I plan on helping as many of them as I can upgrade to digital x-ray.
The large x-ray manufacturers like GE, Siemens, and Philips don’t focus or even call on these small accounts. Regional x-ray companies sell to them currently, but they do thousands of dollars worth of service annually on that customer’s film processor, and probably sell them their x-ray film too. So they are in no real hurry to convert them, because once they go digital, they may never hear from the account again.

So there are all those bargain hunter x-ray clinics out there, wasting money on x-ray film every month because they think they can’t afford digital, just waiting for someone to show them why they MUST upgrade to digital.
Well, that person is me. You probably guessed I sell x-ray equipment for a living.
I developed a neat flyer 8 months ago to drop off at clinics when I couldn’t get to the person I wanted to see. Now it was nothing compared to my website, but it helped show some folks that it was time to go digital, made it was a very easy decision. Just by dropping that flyer off with the receptionist and begging her to personally hand it to the owner or office manager, I started getting calls and sales out of it. My problem though is that I could only drop of 5-10 of these things daily, because I had other appts, and was in my car driving around wasting gas. I figured out that I got called back from those fliers around 8% of the time. I closed 4% or half of the 8%, and have a lot of the other half still pending.

And I thought wow 4%....that’s horrible! My flyer should command 100% response I thought. But as I thought more about it, I realized there are thousands and thousands of film users out there. Man if I could get 4% of that, now that would be something.

There is not a website out there that makes upgrading to digital x-ray a no brainier. If I can get these clinics to go to the website, I believe I can get that 4% close rate.

I distribute a new, cool, low cost digital x-ray upgrade that is very different than existing digital systems. It is the only one that I know of that can actually be installed by the end user. Part of that reason is its small size. It is about the size of your computer scanner and can even be hung on the wall. Also because of that small size, it can easily be shipped back to the factory for service…which means now I don’t have to have service nationally. If the unit has a problem, we perform remote diagnostics, and ship overnight another unit if we don’t get it up. Hot swap them out, and you have your loaner unit while yours is fixed. Never down more than a day. There really aren’t any other products out there like this right now. There are other distributors and people out selling them. But nobody has taken advantage of a truly great website, and no companies out there can afford to hire a sales force to penetrate the entire market. That’s crazy talk in this economy!
So here I am with this million dollar idea, and no way to make it happen. I couldn’t afford to pay 1 person even minimum wage to make calls and drive business to my website, and even if I did, how would I know they were even doing anything? They could be couch sitting, cheetos eating, law and order watching all day, wasting my money.
While I couldn’t afford to pay even one person minimum wage though, I could afford to pay a nice commission to someone if they drove business to the website that resulted in a sale. So that settled it, that was the only way to do it really. get ahead, or get from out behind some bill or payment. I believe that god has given me a blueprint to make this company a huge success, and I’m positive that he wants like minded Christians guiding it, sowing its seeds and reaping its rewards.

Like I already said, there is nothing special about the product, just the way I will market and explain it. Some of you will be the final piece that brings it all together. Whoever goes and picks off all of these remaining film users first wins. A slow and steady approach would certainly mean that someone will copy my website and take a lot of that business. Plus people are buying everyday, so if it is a year before I call them, they may have just bought. We need to strike now while the time is right. There will be no more film users left in another 5-10 years.

I need around 100 people for what I have termed a “flashmobfaithselling” campaign. Flash mob because we will hit the entire market at once and be mostly done in a few months, before any big x-ray companies realize what happened. It must be done this way for the best results and to keep competition out.
Now the faithselling part is because you have to really have a lot of faith that work you are doing now will pay off down the road. Sewing the seeds to harvest later. We could certainly close one of your leads the first week, but more than likely it will take a month or more for leads to turn into sales.

So what would you be doing? Simply finding medical clinics that take x-rays on film still, rather than digitally. If they are digital, hang up, call over. If they use film, you explain that we guarantee to save them money by upgrading to digital x-ray or we will give them a free iPad if they meet some minimum requirements. Next you tell them that if we do convince them that digital x-ray will save them money and they buy with us, we will also give them a free iPad that their new digital x-ray images could be viewed on. So you help them save money and give them an iPad, or you are just give them an iPad for proving you wrong (which won’t happen). There are some minimum volume requirements, and they have to look at costs over a 10 year period. That insures digital will save them money because it is paid of in 5 years, versus film supplies for the entire 10 years. It becomes a slam dunk to go digital…I’m not trying to give away a bunch of iPads…

So your iPad story gets you the office manager and or owners email address, and you send them an email that shows them that waiting another year to go digital will possibly result in paying 50% more because of currently expiring tax benefits and all the money they will spend this over the next 12 months on film. Think “Buy today and make 60 payments, or wait until next year and pay the equivalent of 90 payments instead” That’s what they face with all the wacko craziness going on in Washington DC right now regarding small business deductions.

If you are that small business owner or manager, are you clicking on that link that explains how waiting even 12 months to go digital may mean paying the equivalent of 90 payments instead of 60 payments? That’s 50% more cost…plus they are going to give me a free iPad if they can’t prove digital will save me money? I think a lot of people will check it out. Doctors are some of the worst business people on earth though, and many won’t click on that link or think it is a scam. But what if we got just 20% to click on that link?

Let’s run some numbers. Lets say that you spend 4 full hours of calling these clinics with this process. If you start with a small list, you should be able to average a call every 2 minutes easily. That is 120 calls in those four hours. How many of those calls that take x-rays vary, and it will also vary as to how many of those x-ray users still use film. I don’t know those exact numbers. It depends on the specialty and type of medicine also. I believe 20%-60% of those accounts will be using film. Major metro areas like Atlanta are mostly digital, 80% probably. Rural areas are only 30%-50% Digital. But let’s be conservative again and use the low of 20% rate of calling someone who uses film...

120 calls X 20% = 24 of your calls are using film still at a minimum. If you can get an email address for a decision maker at that account, how many of them would click on the powerful message we have for them. I would if it were my practice. This is not spam were talking about here. This is a personal email to them, informing them on something they can’t do without anymore. Explaining it to them like it’s never been done. We are doing them a huge service actually.

Let’s say only half of them open the email and go to the website. That is a dozen. I truly believe 3 or 4 out of that dozen will absolutely see the light and make the decision right then to go digital. That doesn’t mean they are going to buy from me, but their decision will be made if they explore my website.

So even if 3 or 4 clinics see the light, they have many choices for digital, and may have existing relationships with their x-ray service companies because they see them every month for preventative maintenance on their film processor. I hope that some of them will want to give me their business for being the only one that made it make sense for them, and for being the only reason they bought this year VS the future. But I have something else going for me too remember, a product that is easier and unlike anything else out there. I believe this product has the potential to clean out a nice chunk of those remaining film users. They can install and eliminate expensive on-site service calls and down time only with this particular product, which they don’t even know exists yet. So I really think I can get 1 out of that 3 or 4 I convinced to buy to buy from me. Now it could be next week or next month, but the decision to upgrade has been made.

Let’s say that you get just 1 of those 3-4 clinics to commit to buy from me every day.
That one is all we need. We get that one; you will make a minimum of $500. If you get one per day all week, that is $2500. You could make much more than these minimums though***
So do you think you can get an email address of someone and send them an offer they can’t refuse? If you do it for even four dedicated hours daily, that time spent will generate sales for my company and for you.

What I need are around 100 people for this mass, nationwide blitz. If you make those 120 daily calls for 3 months, that is over 1000 potential leads. That could be most of the potential leads in your area/call list. At that point you are done if you want to be. Or there will certainly be areas that need additional focus, and you can keep right on going in another area.

But I like to have an end in sight, so let’s say 3 months, 1200 leads. Then you walk away and go back to your normal life and I’ll do the rest, though I’ll hopefully need some help from all the response, which will generate more opportunity for more work.

Any lead that you qualify and submit that closes in 2012 will be worth a minimum of $500, and as much as $1000 or more. Even if I only manage to close a pitiful 1% of those 1200 leads you give me, that is 12 sales and $6000 minimum in your pocket.

What if I close 2% or 3% or 5% though. What if it is such a hit, we close 10%? I need 100 workers for 3 months to hit the market before any of the big x-ray companies know what hit them. We will scoop up all the low hanging fruit in one swoop. I have never done or been a part of anything like this ever, and this is not some scam. You are welcome to think I am crazy, I’m not totally sure I’m not. But I can’t hit the ball unless I take a swing, so I’m swinging for the fences.
Once leads start to convert to sales, there will be more work for some, leading possibly to long term jobs well past the initial 3 month call campaign.

It is a win-win for everyone except the large x-ray companies, who should have adapted and done this long before I came up with it. Their loss, your gain.

If this project is not for you, I understand. It won’t be for everyone. Some of you may not be able to fathom calling 120 people a day for 3 months. But I also bet there may be some of you that are ready to start making calls right now.

Successful businesses offer products and solutions that fill a specific market need. I believe I have access to a product that when combined with my website will fill a specific market need. Easy and truly affordable Digital X-ray for everyone.