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Camp Chestermere

Executive Director

Camp Chestermere
Chestermere, Alberta, Canada

Date Posted: 04/29/2011
Categories: Camp Jobs - CEO/Executive
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
The Executive Director is responsible for directing the overall operations of Camp Chestermere with the objectives of:
•providing meaningful ministry opportunities while exercising financial responsibility.
•bringing glory to God through his/her service at Camp Chestermere, while embracing the Camp’s vision to be a camping ministry that sees “individual lives transformed through the power of Jesus.”
•establishing current and long-range objectives, plans and policies.
•simultaneously, collaboratively and cooperatively working with Year Round staff and the seasonal staff, the Camp Chestermere board, the camp member churches, the local community, government bodies and other stakeholders, as appropriate.

Personal Characteristics of the Executive Director:
•S/he will be a person of prayer, love and celebration, who depends upon Jesus and practices relational integrity.
• works collaboratively with full-year and seasonal staff

Areas of Responsibility
Christian Faith and Character
•The Executive Director will have a living and active relationship with Jesus Christ, striving for consistency in Christian faith and character.
•The Executive Director will model Christian character to the, Year Round staff, seasonal staff and the campers, clients and business associates, and will work to nurture a positive spiritual atmosphere throughout his or her life.
•The Executive Director will agree with the Camp Chestermere Statement of Faith.

General Responsibilities
•Help determine and shape the aims and goals of the camp ministry, including short, medium and long-range planning.
•Assume overall administrative responsibility for the year-round operation of the camp.
•Be responsible for the implementing of the policies set by the Camp Chestermere board.
•Ensure that the safety regulations and standards of governmental and other appropriate accreditation organizations are implemented and enforced. This includes ensuring that Camp Chestermere, its staff and its skill areas are appropriately accredited. Also includes compliance regarding police checks for all staff.
•Participate in and keep membership in appropriate camping organizations.
•The ED has lead responsibility for safeguarding the assets of Camp Chestermere. S/he will respond to negligence in the care of and abuse of Camp Chesteremere assets, whether casual or criminal, and will communicate or report concerns or specific events to the Camp Chestermere board.

Evangelism & Encouragement
•Provide support, assistance and guidance to the Program Director and Program Committee in setting up and delivering a meaningful and workable camp program.
•In cooperation with the Program Director, develop the camp program, including
new development, camp dates and curriculum.
•With the Program Director and Guest Groups Manager, initiate and build on an effective follow-up ministry throughout the calendar year.
•Identify and lead or delegate leadership of the development of programs that enhance Camp Chestermere’s evangelism and encouragement-oriented ministries.
•To develop a plan for follow up of children who began a faith journey at Camp Chestermere during the summer.

Discipleship & Development
•The Executive Director will engage in pastoral ministries on the camp site, in particular, with camp staff.
•Direct the staff in setting the spiritual tone at camp and by providing the guidance, counselling, discipling and discipline required.
•Identify and lead or delegate leadership of the development of programs that enhance Camp Chestermere’s discipleship ministries.

Clients & Constituency
•Provide support, assistance and guidance to the Guest Groups Manager in setting up and delivering a meaningful and workable Guest Groups Ministry and business.
•Dedicate time and energy to enhancing the relationship between Camp Chestermere and the member churches.
•Identify and lead or delegate leadership of the development of programs that enhance Camp Chestermere’s client and constituency-oriented ministries and groups.

Personnel Management
•Lead the recruitment, hiring and training of staff for all Year Round staff positions in consultation with the Camp Board
•Initiate an annual performance management and assessment cycle with Year Round staff that includes encouragement, affirmation, constructive feedback and identification of external learning opportunities, subject to finances.
•The Executive Director will coach Year Round staff when required and, in extreme cases and when other means to resolution have failed, may dismiss staff. Discipline and dismissals will occur in consultation with the Camp Board.
•Provide ongoing support to Year Round staff for the successful fulfillment of their positions.
•Ensure that Camp Chestermere is appropriately and adequately staffed to deliver the programs and services it offers at all times.
•Work together with the Year Round staff in selection, placement, and orienting new staff for their respective areas, and on matters of discipline. This includes:
•Recruitment, hiring and management of seasonal and longer-term staff;
•Initiate and assist with staff training and guidance;
•Help develop policies around roles of seasonal staff;
•Mentorship (may include accountability, Bible studies and small groups); and
•Follow up with former staff (may include encouragement, email/visits, reunions).
•Uphold, model and insist upon Christian character.
•Lead staff and management meetings.

Finance and Facilities
•In cooperation with the Camp Board, oversee budget development and expenditures to ensure proper budgetary limits and constraints.
•Prepare annual budget together with the Board Treasurer and the finance committee of the Board. Work with Year Round staff to develop their ministry area budgets and other specific requests in a timely and financially responsible manner.
•Ensure that payment of staff and speaker honoraria is paid according to budget.

Promotions and Marketing
•Develop and execute overall promotional plan for Camp Chestermere.
•Ensure that the camp is promoted via publicity materials, mailings, advertising, news releases, regular newsletters, web presence, etc. Ensure that brochures, application forms, rental agreements forms, etc. are developed and kept current.
•Develop contacts with new churches and business people who are not currently partnered with the Camp.
•Be available to go on tours and to conferences for recruitment and promotional purposes.
•Establish, maintain and enhance positive, cooperative relationships with the Member churches that partner with Camp Chestermere.
•Find ways to fund the future of the camp through estate planning gifts, and make that known to the broader community.

Accountability, Reporting Relationship and Contacts
•The Executive Director is accountable to the Camp Chestermere Board.
•S/he will engage in a formal, annual performance management process with the Human Resources Committee, which will report to the board.
•S/he will attend all Camp Board meetings (with the exception occasional in-camera sessions).
•S/he will maintain regular contact with the Camp Board, through the chairman, and with the HR committee to keep everyone up to speed on what is happening at the camp.
•The Executive Director will facilitate positive and productive relationships between Year Round staff and the Camp Board.
•S/he will maintain healthy relationships with external contacts including but not limited to relevant suppliers, clientele and the member churches, as well as Para-church organizations, government officials and members of the media and the public.

Education and Prior Experience
•A Bachelor’s Degree in a related field, from a bible college, college or university is an asset.
•Five years progressively responsible leadership and management experience is an asset.
•Previous Camping Ministries experience is an asset.
•Experience in business development; marketing; public relations; human resource management; budgeting; leadership; and youth ministries are considered assets.
Knowledge and Skills
•Spiritual and personal leadership skills, including the ability to motivate, inspire, resolve conflict and lead individuals and groups.
•A working and growing knowledge of the Scriptures.
•Strong interpersonal skills.
•Strong written and oral communication skills, including comfort public speaking.
•Strong administrative skills, including planning and scheduling, and financial management skills.
•Conflict resolution skills.
•Problem-solving skills.
•Sufficient knowledge of equipment and processes to assess when expert help is required.
•Proficient with computer, including documents, spreadsheets, and email.