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Calvary Baptist Church

Elementary School Administrator

Calvary Baptist Church
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Date Posted: 06/23/2010
Categories: Education - Management
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
Calvary Baptist School located in New Orleans is currently looking to fill the position for an Administrator for the School.

The Calvary Baptist School Committee selects the Administrator as described in the administrative Handbook upon the recommendation of the Pastor of the Church.
The Administrator shall meet regularly with the Senior Pastor and the Calvary Baptist School Committee for the purposes outlined in the appropriate sections. The Administrator shall work under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.

The Administrator is the overseer of grades Pre-K3 through 7 of Calvary Baptist School, both educationally and administratively. The Administrator is the chief school administrator serving under the Senior Pastor to whom all of the school’s professional and non-professional staff is accountable. The administration and supervision of the educational activities of the school are delegated by the Senior Pastor to the Administrator to carry out in accord with the adopted policies.

The Administrator will meet appropriate professional and personal qualifications for the position. These qualifications are specified as follows…

Professional Qualifications
The Administrator shall possess a current teaching credential with a minimum of three year’s full-time experience as a classroom teacher and a Master’s Degree from any accredited institution or have “Principalship” on the Louisiana Teaching Certificate.

Personal Qualifications
As the chief school administrator, the Administrator continuously shall show evidence of the following qualifications:
• Born-again Christian experience as described in John 3
• Active member of Calvary Baptist Church
• Love for children
• Talent for teaching
• Ability to lead in a positive manner
• Conviction that God has called the Administrator to Christian school administration
• Emotional stability in the face of sometimes trying circumstances
• Physical and mental stamina
• Ability to oversee financial matters in a careful manner
• Ability to work well with other adults including faculty, staff, parents, Pastor, other church ministers, and Committee
• Desire to strive for success

The Administrator is responsible, at a minimum, for the specific responsibilities identified below in this document. These responsibilities may be appropriately delegated to other staff and faculty members, but the accountability for these responsibilities is held up to the Administrator. The responsibilities include:
• Reporting to the Pastor and the School Committee
• Research
• Supervision
• Public Relations
• Finances

Reporting to the Pastor and the Committee
Communication between the Administrator, and the Pastor and School Committee is a critical element in the operation of the school. Proper communication keeps the Pastor and School Committee informed as to the operation of the school. It also is the primary mechanism that allows the school and the Administrator to receive strong sponsorship support and backing of all factors of the school’s operation. These communications shall occur on a regular basis. In these regular communications, the Administrator’s reporting responsibilities to the Pastor and the School Committee shall be at least:
• Finances
• Enrollment
• Personnel
• Curriculum
• Accreditation

Additionally, the Administrator’s responsibilities shall include:
• Administering the policies established by the school Committee
• Recommending policies for the further development of the school
• Maintaining the CBS Student and Parent Handbook
• Maintaining the Faculty and Staff Handbook
• Recruiting and retraining top quality faculty and staff members
• Working within the Annual Budget
• Maintaining proper relationships with the State Department of Education and other government agencies
• Presenting a calendar of projected events each spring for the following academic year

Research in order to gain knowledge and to work through problems and issues using discernment and wisdom is an important key to maintaining a maintaining a successful learning environment. The Administrator’s research responsibilities shall include at least:
• Identifying problem areas of the school and determine solutions
• Assisting staff members to identify problems and assist them in solving them
• Coordinating all research activities at the school
• Involving parents, educational consultants and community people in the research process when they can assist
• Keeping abreast of current research being accomplished in the field of education
• Knowing requirements and procedures for accreditation
• Being cognizant of legal and academic requirements levied upon private schools by local, parish, state, and federal agencies

Supervision of faculty and staff provides appropriate direction in accordance to the vision and values of Calvary Baptist School and Calvary Baptist Church. The Administrator shall provide supervision of the faculty and staff of the school by:
• Encouraging teachers to pursue graduate studies in appropriate fields
• Encouraging all faculty and staff to actively participate in the church where their membership resides.
• Making frequent non-official visits to the classrooms
• Making two formal, documented evaluations of all teachers and staff each year
• Conducting classroom demonstration lessons of the teachers when requested to do so by them
• Scheduling and preparing at least one staff development activity per school year
• Encouraging continued improvement in teaching techniques
• Arranging for observations by teachers in other classes or schools
• Leading the staff into a deeper spiritual commitment
• Conducting weekly faculty meetings
• Arranging for substitute teachers
• Interviewing all prospective teaching applicants
• Overseeing disciplinary programs
• Conducting annual standardized testing
• Keeping cumulative records that are complete and current
• Maintaining accurate accounting
• Encouraging harmony among all faculty and staff members
• Developing job descriptions for non-instructional staff
• Meeting regularly with and overseeing the work of the Teacher-in-Charge

Public Relations
Public relations between the school and the community, and the school and the church are one set of factors that drive the environment to allow the classroom teachers to successfully educate their students. Positive public relations help to keep their “pathways” clear of stumbling blocks. The Administrator’s responsibilities for public relations shall include:
• Understanding the need and value of planned public relations
• Overseeing the development of an efficient public relations program
• Preparing memo items, slides, exhibits, brochures, etc.
• Representing the school at parent, church and community groups as able
• Overseeing PTL meetings
• Being available to meet parents and other interested people
• Carefully interpreting the philosophy and objectives of the school
• Working with the PTL in sponsoring worthy school projects
• Giving prompt attention to all complaints
• Keeping a record of procedures and how they are best executed (Christmas programs, re-registration, commencements, etc.)
• Establishing/maintaining an archive of important school activities
• Maintaining an up-to-date mailing list
• Coordinating the Annual Parent Orientation meeting
• Coordinating graduation activities (for applicable grades)

The financial stability of the school is the basis for being able to offer Christian education services to the local community. It is imperative that the school is a good steward of the monies available to it so that a quality education and Christian curriculum can be provided to as many of God’s children as possible. The Administrator’s responsibilities for school finances shall include:
• Preparing an annual school budget in April for the following academic year
• Being responsible for tracking income and expenditures, and working within the budget
• Presenting recommendations for major purchases to the Pastor and Committee for approval
• Overseeing the collection of all tuition monies
• Seeking to establish a broad financial base for the school through various means (i.e., scholarship fund, grants, etc.)
• Carefully following security procedures for safeguarding cash and checks at the school
• Making annual recommendations for improving salaries and fringe benefits
• Recommending scholarship actions to the School Committee for disposition

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