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Bayside Church of South Sacramento

Pastor/Director of Worship Arts & Creative Media (PWA)

Bayside Church of South Sacramento
Sacramento, California, United States

Date Posted: 05/21/2010
Categories: Church Staff - Music Ministry
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Job Type: Full-time
Reports To: Sherwood Carthen, Senior Pastor
Last Updated: 10/09

BOSS, or Bayside of South Sacramento is a Cross-Cultural, Cross-Class church founded in 2004. Our goal is to assist the community of South Sacramento, the Greater Sacramento area, and the rest of the world to come into a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ. The PWA is a new position and a pivotal hire for us. Our earnest prayer is that God will draw the right person to BOSS, and BOSS to that exact right person that God has ordained to become this important member of our church staff.

The Pastor/Director of Worship Arts & Creative Media at BOSS has a deep love for Jesus Christ and His people; He* has a passion for music and the creative arts and the role they play in multicultural congregational worship and outreach. He is a leader that thrives in a team environment; he is able to energize a congregation through a variety of genres that reflects our culturally diverse church.

1. A mature walk with Christ, evidenced by a strong and well-articulated testimony, personal spiritual discipline, consistency both on and off the stage, and a commitment to moral purity and a healthy relationship with wife and family.
2. A sincere heart for the lost that is confirmed by an ability to focus both internally on the church and externally on the community. He has his finger on the pulse of not just his church but also his community.
3. A charismatic leader who is able to generate, contribute to and maintain good team chemistry and both lead and thrive in a volunteer team-based environment.
4. Committed to the application of their considerable musical and artistic skills with spiritual integrity and excellence.
5. Has a genuine multicultural perspective that is practiced in his daily life
6. Has a servant’s heart: teachable, humble, loyal, positive, uplifting, enthusiastic, responsive, and respectful of authority.
7. A true professional – organized, exemplary work ethic, tireless, proactive, energetic and dependable
8. In agreement with BOSS’s doctrine, mission, and values.

1. BA from a Christian College preferred, Seminary preferred. We also believe that experience counts as education!
2. 5-7 years of public multicultural experience in a variety of settings (worship band, orchestra, choir, drama, theatrical, etc).
3. Minimum of 3 years full time or 5 years part time multicultural praise team leader.
4. Has minimum 2 years management experience and has completed at least some church or secular management training.
5. Roots for USC in any game vs. UCLA
6. Cowboys & Sacramento Kings fan greatly preferred

1. Skilled musician in at least one instrument, multiple preferred.
2. Knowledge and ability to communicate in the terms of multiple instruments, and proven ability to direct many different instruments
3. Strong music reading, theory, arrangement and charting skills. Ability and experience in teaching other musicians a plus.
4. Skilled vocalist. A versatile performer and director.
5. Knowledgeable and comfortable with a variety of musical styles and genres, i.e. Contemporary Christian, Contemporary gospel, Traditional church music, Christian rock, Rap, Hip-hop. Able to adapt secular music to help bring people to Christ.
6. Equally adept in directing multiple musical environments – stage band, choir, praise band, musical casts, etc.
7. Understands the use of creative arts and their expressions in the context of worship
8. A proven track record of significant impact and effectiveness as a worship leader for large gatherings

a. A pastor’s heart first, then a musician and artist.
b. Proven ability to create and maintain a strong sense of community among all his volunteers – recruits, trains, leads, motivates, and mentors with wisdom and grace.
c. Enthusiastic and pastoral presence on the platform, with an ability to engage the heart of the people into true worship
d. Inspires confidence such that team members trust and go to him for Godly advise and council on life issues.
e. Deeply committed to the growth, protection, nurturing and growth of his church.
f. Passion for keeping his own and his team’s spiritual growth a priority.
g. Obsession for building a Cross-cultural church and inspiring worship that touches the hearts of a multicultural congregation.

a. Able to organize, administrate, plan and successfully execute rehearsals, worship, and large events
b. Able to coordinate and integrate congenially with the other functional areas of church ministry in the execution of services and events.
c. Comfortable with the use of technology in worship (sound, lights, performance software, internet resources, and video projection) and be able to assist in these production components when needed.
d. Able to anticipate and coordinate all the elements of a worship service into an effective flow.
e. Possesses the skills needed to run a department made largely of volunteers – budgeting, organizing, scheduling, planning, recruiting, communicating, etc.

1. Leads worship at approximately 34-37 weekends and special events per year (negotiable based on individual circumstances). There are currently 3 services per weekend, subject to increase.
2. Provides for dependable leadership when absent from services.
3. Plans, organizes, coordinates, schedules and leads the volunteer Worship Team rehearsals, worship services and special events.
4. Works in concert with the Pastors and Production Team in planning and producing services and special events. Attends quarterly and weekly production meetings and participates fully in the weekly planning and production of thematically integrated services.
5. Ensures that all the musical and technical aspects of the service advance the theme for the day.
6. Oversees song selections, media preparation and presentation, and coordination of all instrumentalists, vocalists, sound & lights, drama, video, etc.
7. Develops and distributes charts, arrangements, and rehearsal materials to volunteer Worship Team.
8. Recruits, schedules, develops and mentors volunteer instrumentalists, vocalists, songwriters, choir, video, lights, sound, presentation software producers, writers, actors, directors, and prop construction, etc.
9. Develops and fosters external relationships with the community, and maintains links to those outside the body of Christ; build relationships with local musicians, sound engineers, and event promoters.
10. Coordinates outreach events and projects as requested. Willing to serve as needed in other areas of ministry at BOSS.
11. Participates in all scheduled staff meetings and staff development times.
12. Develops annual ministry plan and budget for Worship Arts and Creative Media Teams.
13. Continued honing of musical, technical and creative arts proficiency.
14. Regular attendance at BOSS services.

This is a full-time position (40+ hours a week with benefits package). Salary is established by
Qualifications and experience.

*The term “he” used for convenience to refer to either gender.