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Living Word Fellowship Church

Operations Director

Living Word Fellowship Church
Houston, Texas, United States

Date Posted: 08/06/2009
Categories: Management
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

The church Operations Director will provide overall managerial leadership for the physical operations of church’s vision so ministry staff can effectively accomplish their ministry goals at Living Word Fellowship Church, Living Word Christian Academy, and the Christian Outreach Center. This includes, but is not limited to, all equipment in every building. He/She will oversee the properties of the church following church’s policies and guidelines established by the Senior Pastor and/or the Elders at the same time honoring the city of Houston regulations. This position also requires the Operations Director to over the fiscal operations of Living Word Fellowship Church. This position includes overseeing the development and implementation of our TV ministry.


1. Be a born again Christian with an evidenced walk with Christ.
2. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Management. This must include (as is normally the case) at least six hours accounting classes.
3. Have at least one-year experience in Business Administration and Management.
4. Excellent communication, organizational and leadership skills.
5. Skilled at developing and reading spread sheets.
6. Ability to respond positively to changes that may occur in a growing environment.
7. Must be able to work without direct supervision.
8. As a member of the staff shall cooperate in all team efforts of planning, oversight and leadership
9. Must be able to work with confidential data.
10. Must become a member of Living Word Fellowship Church
11. Must be able to maintain professional appearance.
12. Must some technical experience in managing a TV ministry or aptitude to learn it.


1. Maintain the church policies for all the church’s facilities.
2. Provide for the use of the church facilities through an efficient scheduling and setup system.
3. Maintain church properties, to include all permits, as well as maintenance and procedural manuals.
4. Work with the Associate Pastors, Outreach Director and School Superintendent to schedule and organize facilities for all activities at the Church, Living Word Christian Academy/Youth Center, and the Christian Outreach Center. Must manage this while interfacing with the church, school, and Outreach Center calendars.
5. Maintenance and organization of computer systems in all buildings. Will need to be flexible when interfacing with Living Word Christian Academy.
6. Providing security, which includes, but is not limited to, security for church, school and outreach activities as well as alarm systems.
7. Recruiting members so that Administration is able to achieve its objectives.
8. Review and maintain the church’s employee manual. Maintain proper records for employee request for time off.
9. Manage and oversee all insurance policies to meet the church’s needs. Ensure policies are within the church’s budget.
10. Maintain proper office decorum, greeting visitors and vendors as well as providing an atmosphere of efficiency and professionalism.
11. Initiate and fulfill team goals, which cultivate mutual cooperation of team members to serve the vision of Living Word Fellowship Church.
12. Work with the church accountant to ensure all routine expenditures are being managed appropriately and operational cost is being minimized. This includes maintaining spending controls as directed by the Pastor (an example of this is working with the pastor to review the church’s annual calendar to make sure there are not too many events in one month). This also includes reviewing bills to make sure vendors are not over charging the church.
13. Work with the Pastor and Treasurer to provide monthly reports to the Elders concerning cash flow and operations. This will include Income Statements and Balance Sheets. This will also include statements from Living Word Christian Academy (need to request this report from school Superintendent because the Operations Director does not manage the fiscal responsibilities of the school).
14. Work with outside organizations, as needed, for the proper reporting of funds for the purpose of maintaining the church’s loan or building new facilities.
15. Work with vendors to make sure the church is getting the best deal on every contract.
16. Maintain good relationship with the bank.
17. Work with other staff members, and associate pastors in preparing submissions for the annual budget.
18. When the church is building a facility, must work with the pastor to supervise the development of the building committee as well as work with the chairperson to make sure things are functioning within the churches policies.
19. Supervise all aspects of building and grounds maintenance functions.
20. Coordinate the scheduling of maintenance, tags, insurance, van records and use of all church vehicles. This includes making sure all vans are properly cleaned.
21. Make sure that all community service workers are functioning appropriately.
22. Work with the Parking Lot Committee to make sure volunteers are recruited, trained and are on the job at the appropriate times.
23. Make sure all vehicles are properly functioning. No vehicle is allowed to carry children or adults that are not functioning properly.
24. Work with the Pastor of Worship as the TV ministry is organized for Sunday.
25. Work to develop the TV ministry so that each broadcast is properly edited and produced, is delivered to the station on timely basis and markets the church well.
26. Develop and maintain an effective marketing strategy for the church which includes the Christian Outreach Center and Living Word Christian Academy.
27. Each Sunday, in corporation with the church Treasurer, ensure the count team is in place and functioning based on the churches policy. Provide security and remain at the church until the offering is properly secured.
28. Work with the Armored Business to ensure the offering is properly deposited into the bank.
29. Ensure all bulk mail-outs are properly organized and distributed.
30. Oversee the development and distribution of the church newsletters.
31. Attend Life Application Classes consistently, unless involved in an area of ministry during that time.
32. Attend worship and Bible study consistently.
33. Show commitment to preserve the unity of the body.
34. Only provide information to members if or when approved by the Treasurer of the church.
35. Responsible for any other task that is assigned by the Senior Pastor.


1. Directly responsible to the Senior Pastor and the Assistant Pastor.
2. Directly responsible for the Accountant, Sunday Count Team, Office Manager, Receptionist, Maintenance staff.
3. Must work with the Executive Director of Outreach and School Superintendent to manage building maintenance at the Outreach Center and Living Word Christian Academy.
4. Must maintain a higher level of confidentiality, especially about the giving of each member.
5. Must maintain all church properties including vans and buses. Children especially must never be on a church van that is not properly functioning.
6. Directly responsible for the proper operation of church finances.


1. A church that is operating smoothly, ethically and efficiently.
2. Facilities well cared for and ready for ministry each week.
3. Resources, financial and capital that are managed well.
4. Administration functions as a support team that contributes to the overall ministry of the church.