Life Choices of Memphis, Inc.

Chief Operations Officer

Life Choices of Memphis, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Date Posted: 08/10/2017
Categories: Management
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Life Choices of Memphis

Chief Operations Officer

Position Description and Responsibilities

Life Choices of Memphis is a 501c3 non-profit organization that serves the women of the Memphis area by providing pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, options counseling and adoption services.  Life Choices of Memphis provides these services in a non-judgmental and Christ-like atmosphere.

The role of the Chief Operations Officer is a new role that supports the strategic objectives of the ministry.  It is the desire of the Board of Directors to ensure that all components of the ministry are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.  The COO is charged with the planning, developing and implementation of processes and procedures to meet that objective.

The COO role is a full time, salaried, exempt position reporting directly to the CEO.  Responsibilities include those listed below as well as any other duties as assigned by the CEO.  The COO can expect open and direct communication with the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

Key areas of responsibility include:

          Success of strategic and tactical objectives

          Metric development and accuracy

          People Management and development

          Administration of operational duties

          Process improvement

  •  Success of strategic and tactical objectives:

o   Works with the CEO and the Board of Directors to develop the strategic and tactical objectives of the ministry.

o   Responsible for the execution and accountable for the success of the strategic and tactical objectives except those that fall into the responsibility of the CEO, for example, specific donor and community relations objectives.

o   Responsible for the communication of strategic and tactical objectives to the Directors and staff of the ministry.

o   Responsible for developing and complying with an Operational Budget that delivers the objectives.

  • Metric development and accuracy

o   Responsible for any and all data about the ministry published internally and externally.

o   Responsible for issuing a consolidated monthly report consisting of information from all departments to the CEO and the Board of Directors.

o   Responsible for the development of needed metrics to measure success of current objectives.

  • People management and development

o   Responsible for management oversight for each Department head including objective setting and performance reviews.

o   Responsible for reviewing and approval of performance reviews for each staff member.

o   Responsible for the development of individual competencies for each staff director to assist in their professional growth

o   Review and approval of development plans for staff members

  • Administration of operational duties

o   Assume oversight responsibility of the day to day operations of the organization.

o   Responsible for contract negotiations and compliance of services required to operate the ministry.

o   Responsible for execution and compliance of Board approved policies as outlined in the Policy and Procedure manual except for those specific to the role of the CEO.  

o   Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the approved Policy and Procedure manual.

  • Process improvement

o   Responsible for identifying and/or working with individual Directors to identify, areas within the ministry that need improvement.

o   Responsible for developing required process improvement plans complete with needed resources, timelines, requirements gathering, process development, documentation, testing and implementation. 


Key competencies:

  • Business acumen
  • Productive work habits
    • An understanding of generic business processes as well as a deep understanding of the processes and goals specific to Life Choices.

o   The ability to model work habits that reflect accomplishment of goals and a high degree of professionalism

  • Functional and technical skills

o   The ability to lead and facilitate

o   The ability to discern and develop meaningful metrics

o   The ability to recognize and implement innovative technologies that will assist in the goals of the ministry. 

  • Managing and measuring work

o   Sets clear objectives and expectations for individual projects

o   Holds individuals accountable for assignments and has processes in place to measure success

  • Managing and developing direct reports:

o   Sets clear objectives and expectations for overall job performance

o   Develops meaningful individual performance objectives and assists the individual Director in successful completion.

  • Action oriented and drives for results:

o   Proficient in keeping projects on time and delivering expected results

o   Able to motivate and influence others to meet goals and objectives

o   Maintains a prioritized list of projects or process improvements

  • Managing Vision and Purpose:
    • Understands current mission and can formulate extended vision.
    • The ability to share the vision and inspire and motivate others to participate in the execution of the vision
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