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Executive Director or Assimilation and Weekend Services

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Gahanna, Ohio, United States

Date Posted: 06/24/2017
Categories: CEO/Executive - Church/Ministry - Management
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Executive Director of Assimilation and Weekend Services


As we seek to reach the disconnected of our culture, the role of an Executive Director of Assimilaiton and Weekend Services is very crucial to our success.  It is a position of influence, and leadership. Our church relies heavily on the relational, organizational, and communications ability of the Executive Director. They must be an individual who will take initiative, be a self-starter, and a team player. Their ultimate goal is to provide oversight and direction for the teams they are responsible for and to provide directional input for our church.




The Executive Director reports directly to the Lead Pastor, and must be supportive at all times of his ministry and loyal to him personally, both in his presence and behind his back. Any issue existing between the Executive Director and the Lead Pastor should be handled directly. Gossip will not be tolerated, and conflicts must be handled respectfully, professionally, and in private. The Executive Director must be willing to receive constructive criticism, and be willing to craft his work in cooperation with the Lead Pastor.  Open lines of communication and a high level of respect are critical to the success of the Lead Pastor/Executive Director relationship. If one of the responsibilities of the Executive Director cannot be fulfilled, advanced communication must take place with the Lead Pastor previous to the specific deadline.


The Executive Director must also be willing to work with and serve the other members of the Pastoral Team and Ministry Staff as well as his/her team of volunteers.


Work ethic

The Executive Director will work a minimum of 45 hours per week, but should be prepared to exceed that on a regular basis. A strong work ethic is essential, not just in time invested, but quality time invested. Diligence, resourcefulness, and efficiency are expected during work hours.


Personal Conduct

It is imperative that the Executive Director is an individual who is constantly striving for growth…personally, professionally, and spiritually. He/she should always display a positive attitude, and must be an individual with high moral standards and impeccable character.


It is our hope and prayer that the Executive Director will have a long and productive ministry, however, there are certain actions that could result in disciplinary measures or possible dismissal from the position.  Those actions are as follows…


  • Moral failure (sexual sin, pornography, financial indiscretion, infidelity of any kind)
  • Disloyalty to Lead Pastor
  • Inappropriate public confrontation
  • Insubordination
  • Irresponsibility
  • Poor work ethic
  • Poor work quality
  • Consistent bad attitude
  • Failure to meet deadlines
  • Misalignment with the vision
  • Misalignment with the Leadership
  • Devaluing people
  • Gossip/backbiting
  • Breach of confidentiality


Executive Director of Assimilation and Weekend Services

The Executive Director has the incredible task of leading ministries that  allow people to engage in meaningful connections within the life of the church. This requires innovative thinking, team building, and a passion to see people being connected with one another.  This role includes, but is not limited too, the following:


  •  Building and Leading teams of volunteers to accomplish the goals and tasks of the Assimilation and Weekend Service ministry
  •  Developing ongoing relationships and processes which allow for the identification, recruitment, training and mentoring of new Team Leaders
  •  Meet regularly with the Lead Pastor and Executive Director Leadership Team to discuss and determine overall direction of the church
  •  Oversight of and elevation of our  Weekend Services 
  •  Oversight of and elevation of our Assimilaiton proesss



Spiritual Life

The Executive Director of Assimilation and Weekend Services  has direct oversight of the processes, teams and systems that allow people to become connected with each other and build life-giving relationships within the church. The person in this role will constantly search for the most effective means to generate/elevate the Assimilation process of our church. Constantly seeking to anser the question "How do I make it effortless for a new and/or unchurched person to integrate into the community and life of the church"?


The Executive Director of Assimilation and Weekend Services  has direct oversight of our weekend services. The Weekend Services are the heart beat of the church and for many new/unchuched people, their first experience with our church. The person in this role will constantly search for the most effective means to generate/elevate/maximize the Weekend Services to reach the greatest number of disconnected people and to minister to those who are currently part of the church. Constantly seeking to anser the question "How do I create an environement that allows each person, regardless of where they are in their spiritual walk, to best encounter God"?




The Executive Director of Assimialtion adn Weekend Services must attend and participate in the following meetings…


  • Weekly Directional Leadership Team meetings
  • Weekly staff meeting 
  • Monthly Strategic meetings 
  • Quarterly Offsite meeting 
  • Monthly Assimilation and Weekend Service Team meetings



The Executive Director of Assimilation and Weekend Services will be required to perform general pastoral duties, and must be ready and willing to perform those tasks when necessary. Those tasks may include…


  • Visitation
  • Counseling
  • Preaching
  • Teaching
  • Facilitation of a meeting